DecalGirl are one of the best companies offering skins for devices. Their huge range of devices cover tablets, phones, laptops, gaming devices (360, PS3, Vita, 3DS, WiiU etc) and even some legacy devices or abstract devices. Printed to the highest quality, each DecalGirl skin is printed on high quality sticker which doesn’t leave a residue. Read on for our full thoughts…

DecalGirl kindly sent us a variety of skins for use on our devices. We received a PS3 skin (with a matching controller skin), an Xbox 360 skin (again with matching controller), a PS Vita skin, a 3DS skin and also a skin for our Nexus 7 tablet. All these skins are from their Futurama range, which offers a variety of simplistic to colourful skins taken from the popular Futurama animated comedy.

The print quality of DecalGirl skins is outstanding, particularly on their matte finish offerings. For these review, we asked that all skins be outfitted with a matte finish, which reduces glare and fingerprints and hides marks more easily. Previously, we have used glossy skins, however, on judgement between the two, matte definitely stands out as the winner from my perspective.

The range of skins offered by DecalGirl is fantastic. We are big fans of their Futurama range, as all the design look very cool, however, they have an overwhelming number of choices when it comes to choosing a skin which suits you. No matter what your taste, DecalGirl have a skin for that! Each and every one of their skin designs are available on any device offered by the company. This devices include: PS3 (all three versions), Xbox 360 (all versions), PS Vita, 3DS and 3DSXL, Wii U (and controller), iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Macbooks, Laptops (by brand or by custom measurements), almost every well-known tablet, phone or eReader and many, many more devices. Check out the site here to see their full range of offerings.

One of DecalGirl’s advantages is the excellent price point. The quality of the sticker material, printing and service received from DecalGirl is outstanding when compared to the low price. Their PS Vita skins go for $12.99 (~€10, £9) and thier PS3 Super-Slim sell at $16.99 (~€14, £12) for example. While the shipping to Europe was quite expensive in the past, however, it appears they have cut this down as most items ship to Ireland for just over $5 (with little increase as you add more items – so buy as many as you need in one go for reduced shipping cost) with most places in Europe carrying the same pricing.

Overall, DecalGirl skins are ESSENTIAL for anyone who wants to make their device look something special. These skins are a must have accessory for your devices and the high quality of both product and service is unbeatable at this price point! Visit DecalGirl now to customise your device.

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