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Today, I will be reviewing the most recent first party Nintendo game for the 3DS (at time of writing of course), Kid Icarus: Uprising. The return to the classic NES game is an excellent one and the game is very entertaining, back to that soon. Firstly, I will establish some details about the game.

This is Kid Icarus’ third game since the first was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in December 1986. The original was praised in terms of gameplay and sound, however, it’s difficulty level was criticised. The original NES game is ridiculously difficult, I have played the 3D Classics version on the 3DS, I cannot complete the first level (which, I discovered after research, has been called the hardest of the game).

The second Kid Icarus outing was on the Game Boy, Kid Icarus: Myths and Monsters debuted in 1991. It was praised heavily and enjoyed by media.

Now we return to the classic series with Kid Icarus: Uprising. This is the first Kid Icarus game released in 20 years, excluding remastering (3D Classic) of the original. Before I begin the review of the game elements, let me warn you left handed people, this game is quite difficult to play if you are a lefty (like me), however, after getting used to it, the control scheme isn’t too bad. Now, let’s get on with the review…

GAMEPLAY: The gameplay in Kid Icarus is brilliant. The fighting is done excellently, and the diverse range of enemies and weapons are a great element of this essential game. In the beginning of most missions, Pit begins by fighting in the sky. He is guided by the Goddess of Light, Palutena who gives his powers and guidance along the course of the entire story.

The single player campaign is rather long, I would imagine it would keep you entertained for an absolute minimum of 10 hours, after you go back to collect additional items and the like. However, the single player is not the only gem of this spectacular 3DS software. Multiplayer mode has been included in the game. This is likely to keep your attention for hours, and provides excellent value. You fight on a team, or, free-for-all, against enemies, attacking them with various unlocked weapons and other aids. The objective is simply to kill the enemies.

I didn’t get a chance to play a huge amount of the multiplayer portion of the game. I played a couple of games and did extremely badly, the multiplayer is quite tricky to master as a left-handed person without the CIRCLE PAD PRO. The Circle Pad Pro is supposedly a great help to the controls for left handed people, however, I cannot tell as no retailers near me seem to stock it. I will hopefully get one eventually.

Moving on, we also have a variety of Streetpass and Spotpass modes, allowing to collect and trade weapon gems, pretty standard stuff. The next major feature I would like to talk about are the AR CARD Battles. I have purchased, from Club Nintendo, no less than twelve packs of cards. As a former avid card collector, I could not pass-up the chance to collect some of these beautiful hand crafted cards. They have very nice designs.

Now, for the actual USE of these AR cards. The 3D models on the cards are rendered very well. The AR fights between the idol cards placed are excellent fun and provide a great addition to the whole Kid Icarus package. It is a nice addition to a game already overflowing with content.

GRAPHICS: Graphics are, on the most part, very good! Rendering is great, textures are of excellent quality and resolution. Most game elements have beautiful textures and rendering. A few of the menu items are slightly pixelated, however, it is not easily noticeable.

One excellent feature included in the game is the use of 8-bit graphics taken from the original NES game. This gives an nice retro feel and I think it was a great touch to add these classic 8-bit models to the game.

3D in the game is done brilliantly. Pit can be very clearly seen close to the screen, and the enemies further away. Some textures extrude from the screen, overall, the 3D is done well, unlike some other games where 3D is not properly utilised. One thing I will mention is that having 3D off does not degrade the playing experience, the game is equally as enjoyable in 2D.

SOUND & VOICE ACTING: The soundtrack for the game is great, sound effects are done well and the inclusion of some classic 8-bit NES sound effects are a nice touch.

The dialogue is the part you will remember. Some dialogue between Pit and the Goddess Palutena is very humorous and it is made clear the Pit has a bit of the thing for Palutena.. some of the dialogue is very well written, you have to hand it to the developers !

PALUTENA: “I have a gift for you Pit”
“Its my monster attracting formula. Those monsters just can’t resist”
After winning a boss battle, the dragon-creature says :
DRAGON: “Look how far you’ve come, I’m proud of you Pit”
PIT: “huh, you don’t usually meet such nice bosses”

OVERALL VALUE FOR MONEY: This game is amazing, even without the multiplayer and AR features, it would still be worth buying. Between AR battles, fully completing the single player campaign and playing multiplayer matches, this game will most certainly keep you playing the game day after day! Go buy it as soon as you can!


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