Good evening visitors, we welcome you today to our review of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. The game launches tomorrow, but, thanks to the excellent press team at Edelman for Microsoft, we received review code today and have managed to get a review together after a quick play of the game.

As Minecraft fans will know, the premise of the game is to gather, craft, create and survive. The game is an open-world sandbox with thousands of “blocks” which are used for building, crafting and decorating. You, as the player must gather these blocks to build whatever creations come to mind and also to craft tools, armor, decorations and structures.

One thing me must say is, the game does not have a creative mode, only survival. However, it is said creative will be patched in soon, so, we will assume it will be here soon and have the absence of creative mode will not effect the scores of the review. However, if you are a huge fan of creative, you may not want to buy it until it is added, keep that in mind.

As you begin to gather blocks, you can start making things such as the crafting table. From there, the crafting table will show you EVERYTHING you can make using it and will show you the materials needed. It is a very simplified interface as previously in the PC version, you would have to know what is needed to craft something and WHERE to place them in the craft slots.

As you progress, you can then use a furnace which will allow you to make fuels, such as charcoal, which can then be used to turn sand to glass. Soon, you will be building enchantment tables, iron doors, stronger blocks, ingots of iron, gold and many other materials. Many blocks follow the same pattern; a gold block can be broken down into 9 gold ingots, which can be further broken down into 9 gold nuggets each.

Anyway, as you enter the game on the 360 edition, you will be offered a tutorial. I recommend not only new players, but PC minecraft players to do the tutorial. You are welcomed into a small world where, to progress, you have to do a number of tasks using crafting tables and furnaces. In the end, you build a small hut made from glass windows, wooden planks, cobblestone roof (optional) and a wooden door to protect you from the monsters at night.

The tutorial is extremely helpful to get you used to the new crafting interface and the other game elements. Now, I will break down the review into categories;

GAMEPLAY: Nobody can say that Minecraft doesn’t offer excellent gameplay. The game offers hours of entertainment allowing you to build to your hearts content. Anybody who feels Minecraft is like LittleBigPlanet, you are wrong. Having played both, I can say that Minecraft provides a completely different gameplay experience to LittleBigPlanet. I cannot fault Minecraft 360 in terms of gameplay, the controls are brilliantly done, they feel natural and the gameplay as a whole is just like the PC version we all know and love.

GRAPHICS: This is a hard one. How can I judge Minecraft on graphics when it’s blocks textures are deliberate and are a whole part of the gameplay experience. All I can say is, the graphics and textures are just as good, if not better than the PC version of Minecraft. I cannot fault the graphics in comparison with the PC version.

SOUND: Minecraft is not known for it’s sound. Music is quite classical, nothing special. Sound effects are the same as on the PC version. Minecraft 360 edition does not deliver anything unique or special in terms of sound.

OVERALL VALUE: If you are a fan of Minecraft, you will log hour, after hour, after hour on this game. You will continue to build your creations and the game will not tire on you, it is equally as addictive as the PC version. There is no doubt you will get full value for your money on MInecraft 360, and then some. It will keep you hooked longer than most retail games and is certainly worth the asking price if, like me, you prefer to play on consoles to the PC.

You can purchase MINECRAFT XBOX 360 from tomorrow (9/5/12) for 1600MS Points. Thanks for reading the review, click Toggle Scores » below to see the scores…