Good evening to all readers. You will know I am a massive fan of Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Video Game. The game has taken the industry by storm and has been given many awards due to its powerful, emotional story. The game has more power to draw the player in than any other game I have ever played and the series will be known for many years into the future as a masterpiece.

Here are links to our reviews of each of the five fantastic episodes, each one improving on the last, yet all being masterpieces!

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5

We awarded The Walking Dead our title of BEST DOWNLOADABLE GAME EVER CREATED, and I stick by that. The game has surpassed anything I’ve seen in the last year or two and is truly the King of how this type of game should be done. It has mastered the art of emotionally attaching players to the game, and that is an achievement not easy to achieve.

Overall, we would just like to push as many people as possible towards buying this title. It deserves every penny of what it has earned and the monumental development team deserve all the praise they have been receiving. If they can pull this off again for the second series of the game, we are in for another treat from the masterminds at Telltale Games!

We will be hosted our first ever InsideTheBox Game of the Year Awards this week and we can guarantee that this will be one of the titles receiving any award from our site! Stick with us for the full line-up of results coming later this week!

SCORE: 10/10