Hi again everyone… amid the rush of gamescom, we are here to bring you a review of the recently released Risen 2: Dark Waters on Xbox 360 and PS3. While it isn’t a fantastic game, it also is not a bad game and is worth playing if you are a fan of RPGs.

Risen 2: Dark Waters released a few months ago on PC with reviews of average to good… a plan was made to port the game to consoles, however, the game does not run quite as well. I played the Xbox 360 version, which runs relatively well, however, I have heard the PS3 version can be a bit buggy.

Risen 2: Dark Waters follows the quest of a member of the Inquisition as he attempts to calm a Titan. Two of the Titans are fighting and the one who is victorious is coming to destroy the last remaining fort of the Inquisition.

The game begins with quite an interesting plot, however, the game is quite slow paced and the game didn’t hold my attention for too long. It felt a bit dragged out, especially at the start.. in the first couple of hours, there is very little to do and is quite boring. The game does improve as we go into the middle and becomes a bit more interesting, however, I feel the plot could have been improved upon.

The graphics in the game are standard for what you would see in an average game of this time. There is nothing remarkable, the textures are only average and do not look as crisp as games like Skyrim and Uncharted.

Dialogue in the game is not fantastic, most of the characters lack a feeling of life and their voices have little emotion in them while the script is rather dull. The dialogue does not help in trying to grasp your attention.

One positive is that the game is quite long and you will get quite a bit of value from it if you enjoy this type of game. Once you pass the rather boring start, the game does get progressively better.

Combat is the game is absolutely awful, it is very awkward to use and feels wooden. Thankfully, the game is not completely based around combat, so it will save you the pain of having to try use the terrible combat system too often.

As you progress into the first island after leaving the inquisition, you are not really told what to do and have to figure out how to progress and gain the approval of locals, and the leader, from your own intuition. The game does have many nice side quests which can earn you gold and valuables and does have quite a nice, not-too-big open-world system.

Skill purchasing in the game is completely out of balance, so make sure you read up online. Some useless skills are difficult to acquire while excellent skills are easy to obtain. Read up online before buying any skills!

Framerate drops within the game are very noticeable and mostly occur when fighting. After you pass the first horrible 4-5 hours, you will finally get to the good part of the game, but, unfortunately, this will be too long for most people.

Overall, Risen 2: Dark Waters is a good game, but has many flaws… here are the scores: