Yesterday, we published our review of the Roccat Isku FX gaming keyboard and today we have another Roccat review, this time, their Kone Pure gaming mouse, which can be paired with the Isku FX to use Easy-Shift[+]. The Kone Pure is available in a variety of colours, one of which is Polar Blue, which we are reviewing.

The Kone Pure, to start with technical specifications, has a 8200 DPI sensor, which can be fully customised to any of 41 settings between 400 and 8200. As mentioned earlier, the mouse is compatible with Easy-Shift[+], so you can use it with the Isku FX or other compatible Roccat keyboards to unlock a wealth of additional customisable buttons. The mouse has customisable LEDs, which can be set to any of the 16.8 million colours available. 576KB of onboard memory allows the storage of a number of presets.

The mouse has a 1000Hz polling rate, with a 1ms response time. On the 10.8 megapixel sensor, 12000 frames per second are possible. The mouse has an 16-bit data channel, and a 32 bit ARM-based processor. A nice braided USB cable is attached to the device. The weight of the device is approximately 90g, so, it feels very light. The Kone Pure is available in the price range of £60-£65 in the UK (varies by colour) and is available for approximately $69.99 in the US (prices taken from Amazon, as of time of writing).

We were sent the very nice POLAR BLUE model, which has a black top and base, but is accented with blue sides. The box fits into Roccat’s usual black and blue colour scheme and presentational style. The box advertises one of the features Roccat are very proud of, the TITAN wheel. This is a high quality scroll wheel which is ‘built to last’ according to the company. The design and workings of the wheel have been worked on the by the company for a long time, and, we do have to say, the scroll wheel is very nice to scroll and feels very sturdy while in use.

Back to the packaging; as expected, it advertises the major features on the front, such as the 8200DPI sensor, Easy-Shift[+] compatibility, customisable LED lighting, Macro presets, the on-board memory and finally Roccat achievements display. On the side, they do into a huge amount of detail about all of their main features and some of the technology inside the gaming mouse. On the back, we have a labelled diagram, and a longer list of features in a variety of languages. The top, again, points out some of the technology within the mouse.

The box opens like a book, and has an inner sleeve, giving even more information about the mouse. The main purpose is to explain how Easy-Shift[+] work (which basically consists of you pressing a button on your mouse and your keyboard to activate some extra configurable buttons).

When you finally get to the mouse, you will be greeted by an extremely nice-feeling rubber finish. The mouse is very comfortable to use and the buttons have a nice click. Two programmable buttons grace the left side of the mouse, one of which is set as the Easy-Shift[+] button by default. + and – buttons sit under the scroll wheel, which function as DPI adjusters.

The TITAN wheel on the Kone Pure is durable and has a very feel when clicking or scrolling. As mentioned earlier, the sensor on the base of the mouse can function at up to 8200 DPI and a braided cable is attached to the mouse. The mouse functions excellently in gaming, and is extremely comfortable and easy to use.

Now, moving on to the software. The ROCCAT mouse software (which can be downloaded from the official site) is fantastic, and matches the style and design of other Roccat products. A huge amount of customisation can be done from within the software. Firstly, different DPI presets can be created, and the + and – buttons below the mouse wheel can be attributed to scroll through each of these presets. Other settings which can be adjusted from the main menu are sensitivity, scroll speed and tilt speed, as well as double click speed. All settings can be assigned across five gaming profiles, which can be saved, loaded and applied through the application.

Next, Easy-Shift[+] functions, as well as macro buttons can be assigned through the button assignment menu. These can be assigned to things like quick settings adjustments, PC shortcuts and a large variety of other PC functions. Timers, sensitivity, DPI, program shortcuts, scrolling, the Windows key, browser forward/backward and a huge number of other functions are all available to be assigned, which is fantastic!

Without a doubt, this mouse is a fantastic investment for enthusiasts, and, for all it offers, is available at a very reasonable price range. I definitely suggest picking it up for gaming, as it offers fantastic value. I will be awarding it our gold award.