Rush Bros is a game that tries to combine platforming elements with racing. Sometimes, combining two gaming genres together works very well, however, in the case of Rush Bros, it doesn’t hold up too well unfortunately. Read on for our full review of this Steam title…

Rush Bros is available on Steam for the price of $9.99. Usually for a game of this price, you would say there isn’t much to lose in picking it up, it can’t be too bad. While the game isn’t terrible, it just lacks something and feels a bit bland and boring. The game could have been a success, but, the developers just didn’t go about the idea the right way and the game just ended up being quite lacking in action and zest – something which a rhythm based game such as this should have.

The game challenges you with avoiding obstacles like one does in a standard platformer, however, this game asks you to do that with a bit of racing thrown in on the side. The beat of the music follows your actions on some occasions within the game, but this is very glitchy. Some of the obstacles, when avoided, will make the music react, but not all will actually have any effect. The traps which will change the rhythm aren’t easily predictable and it leaves the game feeling disconnected.

Since this is a rhythm based game, you would expect the music to be good, however, this is not really case and the music is lackluster and often times quite annoying in this game – thankfully the team allow you to use your own personal music library while playing the game. Another thing I have a problem with is, upon completion of the level, the music which is playing will just stop instantly (no fading) and take you back to the level selection screen. The game is a bit lacking in the basic things which really make a game feel polished.

Even the gameplay sections of the game aren’t all that impressive. The levels are long and unexciting, powerups don’t clearly show when they expire, the game doesn’t explain what moves are available and how to use them and the mechanics of the game are just a little odd in general. One of the positives of the game is the variety in level design – all the levels are designed with different assets and background, so, it brings a little bit of freshness to the game.

Rush Bros offers multiplayer modes, however, they are flawed just like the game. There is a little online interaction and the game feels dead in general. I hate giving games (especially indie games) a bad review, however, I just have to tell the truth and say that Rush Bros just isn’t worth the $9.99 asking price, as there are too many flaws and a lack of excitement within the game.