Saints Row: Gat out of Hell is a new standalone expansion which is bundled alongside Saints Row IV: Re-Elected. It will also be available as a standalone expansion on PS3 and Xbox 360.

In Gat out of Hell, the President is brought to Hell as Satan believes he is a heinous enough person to marry his daughter. Kinzie Kensington and Johnny Gat, his friends, travel to Hell in order to rescue him. However, Dane Vogel from Saints Row II joins the scene as he wishes to kill Satan alongside Johnny and Kinzie. He gives both of them some special powers which help them in their quest.

New Hades, the setting of the game, is built from the ground up to offer a fresh, new environment to explore. The characters are also granted the ability to fly, which you will get the hang of quickly. New Hades has been built with flying in mind, so, it will be enjoyable to explore, having a completely different feel to the atmosphere of Saints Row IV.

Unfortunately, that is where the positives end. Your objective in this game is to attract the attention of Satan be causing enough trouble in Hell. So, you complete side missions and tasks in order to fill up a meter which, when filled, will allow you to battle Satan. These tasks vary from surviving hordes of enemies to winning a race; some are fun, others aren’t. However, many of the tasks are very simple and the characters are so powerful that completing them becomes almost too easy. The entire game is so easy that in can be completed in a few short hours.

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell unfortunately is light on story content and heavy on repetitive, easy gameplay. Gat out of Hell could have been a fantastic expansion, but the gameplay and content has truly let the overall package down. Co-op is also available, however, it adds very little to the experience. Overall, Gat out of Hell provides fresh environments and new abilities, but lacks in content available and story.