BradyGames offer the highest quality strategy guides for games on the market. They often add above and beyond the amount of detail needed in a walkthrough, with everything being accompanied by a rich selection of helpful screenshots. Read on for our thoughts of their Saints Row IV game guide…

As always with Brady Games, quality is the key. The cover of this guide particularly caught my eye, I found it very aesthetically pleasing. Doug Walsh wrote the guide, alongside Joe Epstein, both of whom delivery quite a bit of light hearted humour in the guide, which is nice to read. Their in-depth walkthrough of the game makes the guide essential for those who wish to complete the game to 100%, which is particularly difficulty with a game of Saints Row IV’s type.

Everything of interest in the game is referenced in the guide at some point or another. It gives a walkthrough of each and every mission, side objective, place of interest and collectible extra which is present within the game, all the while accompanied by assisting images. To say that this guide is detailed would be an understatement, it is more like an A to Z walkthrough on everything there is to know about Saints Row IV.

The content within the guide includes the entire story (with every mission & side quest explained in detail), the personalisation options, collectibles, vehicles, weapons, challenges, trophies and characters. The same level of detailed writing remains consistent and present throughout every aspect and category of the guide’s coverage. We really enjoyed using it as a companion tool whilst playing through Saints Row IV, and it become a necessity. This really is the essential aid for 100% completion of the game.

The style and layout maintains the high quality we have come to expect from Brady Games. We see that the internal style of the game’s user interface replicated as much as possible in the guide, with identical colours and styles used to separate images, headings and accented points. A purple and white scheme is adopted, with lighter shades or purple (or dark pink) being used as accent colours. As always, the guide looks and feels like a premium offering. The paper and cover are also high quality, with the front and back covers having a subtly-glossed finish.

As an added bonus, the team packed in a code to download some premium weapon skins for the game with the guide. It may be a small offering, but again adds extra value and a nice touch to the already fantastic guide. Between the detailed graphs, well drawn maps, assistful screenshots, character backstories, overwhelmingly comprehensive walkthrough and aesthetically-pleasing design and layout, what more could you ask for from a guide?

Saints Row IV is a game with a lot of content, and no player will be able to find everything without some help. This guide is the best place to get it, and it can currently be picked up for around $15/€15/£10 online. The guide covers the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game, and is available now! Our Saints Row IV review will be going live tomorrow if all goes to plan.

SCORE: 10/10