Saints Row IV is an excellent game. Many people found The Third to be a lackluster affair, however, IV manages to improve on everything that was wrong with the game, and add some fun new twists to the story and gameplay. Read on for our full review of the game, to see what it can offer.

Due to the release of Grand Theft Auto V, I feel this game might unfortunately get ignored by some potential customers, who may have been planning to get the game but opted for GTAV instead. While Grand Theft Auto V is a masterpiece, Saints Row IV is also an incredibly fun title, and it is unfortunate the two both launched at the same, as both should be played by all serious gamers. Both are open-world titles, both offer cool weapons and both look fantastic. Saints Row IV almost competes at the same level as GTAV.

Saints Row IV has a very unique and interesting plot. The Earth is invaded by aliens, and you (‘The Boss’, ie. the president of America) are sent into a virtual world created by the alien leader, Emperor Zinyak. Throughout the game, you will enter and leave virtual worlds as you escape from your own, and enter those of your crew as you try to rescue them. Switching from world to world keeps the game fresh and enjoyable. The story is full of surprises, plot twists and is perfectly paced. We don’t want to ruin any of the great story for you, so, we won’t spoil the plot, but, lets just say you won’t be disappointed.

Another thing that Volition has mastered is humour. Saints Row IV is one the funniest games I have played in a long time. Hilarious and original one liners populate the entire game, and really make the experience joyful. At the very start, one of your political enemies confronts you in quite an insulting manner and you, the player, are given a choice. You can choose:

– The High Road: “punch a di*k in the head”
– The Low Road: “punch a di*khead”

The game is quite a ridiculous affair. ‘The Boss’ has superpowers such as several-story high jumps, wall climbing and lightning-speed running. He can also use both alien and human weaponry, and drive a variety of vehicles, including types of floating alien-craft. Thankfully, the game has enough structure and organisation to keep the craziness at a safe level to still be hugely fun, but it also allows you to complete the missions and enjoy the story without everything being disjointed. Some of the wacky new options available are: a gun that opens up black holes, mind control options, telekinetic powers, freeze attacks and even elementally infused bullets (eg. electric-shock bullets). It takes some of your favourite sandbox elements, and adds in Volition’s own twist to create a fantastic experience.

Content is not in shortage in IV, as it was in The Third. You can do such a huge range of things in the virtual worlds of Saints Row IV, and, just like GTAV, it would take forever to explain everything that can be done. The Brady Games guide for SRIV is a fantastic companion for the game, and really is essential to find everything there is to offer from the game. The story missions in the game stay fresh and differ in nature throughout the game, and there is plenty to keep players busy.

The alien crews constantly invade and chase you in the virtual worlds, giving you a chance to acquire some of their technology, which is great fun to use. The world is detailed, and feels a lot more full than previous games in the series. Sidequests are rewarding, dialogue is unique, graphics & detail are impressive and the with the number of weapons, environments, missions, characters, plot points and vehicles included in the game, there really is something to keep everyone happy.

Now, in terms of sound, the game impresses. The music playing on the radio is catchy and loud, and keeps you pumped. Radio can be played even when not in a vehicle, so, this cracking music will be played throughout your time in the game. Graphically, the textures are sleek, high-in-detail and vivid. In terms of the audio-visual offering, the game has much to offer. Voice acting is great, and the main character is voiced perfectly to fit his personality. He is a very funny persona, and his arrogance plays in with his humour.

To sum up the game, I have to say, Saints Row IV is an excellent experience, almost reaching the heights of Grand Theft Auto V. A mountain of content is available, and the game is sure to make you laugh more than once. The combination of crazy mechanics, hilarious dialogue, vivid graphics, masterful sound, fresh environments, unique weaponry and very dedicated work by the developer makes the game an essential buy.