Over the course of our PC Build feature, we will be bringing a few other tech reviews into the mix to try to appeal to as many as possible. That’s where today’s review, the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC card comes into the mix. This card is mostly targeted towards photographers as a high speed SD solution.

The Extreme Pro SDXC is a product aimed towards media and photography professionals who have moved on from the Compact Flash format and are now using SD cards. Video professionals would generally have high end PCs as they will likely be rendering video footage, so, this is where the card would tie into the PC Build feature. The 64GB variety of the card retails at £102 from Amazon (as of time of writing) and offers the very impressive speed of 95MB/s (633x) – extremely high for SD cards – however 8GB, 16GB and 32GB varieties are also available.

The packaging touts the card’s ‘super fast transfer speed’ and ‘superior shot-to-shot results for photographers, while those shooting video are being offered ‘extreme recording speed’ for Full HD and 3D. Purchasing a card of this quality, price and performance has its additional benefits, such as the limited lifetime warranty (30 years for Germany and other regions not recognising lifetime warranty) and the included one year free Rescue Pro Deluxe access which can recover media in the event of data loss.

Sandisk recommends the card for DSLRs and high end HD camcorders. Also available is the assurance that the card is water proof, shock proof, temperature proof and X-Ray proof. When taking pictures using at a high resolution, even as high as 25 megapixels, on fine settings, the card only takes a fraction of a second to take a picture. When taking a high resolution RAW picture, the SDXC card generally takes 1 to 2 seconds to take the picture.

When we moved to the PC using the USB3 interface to read the card, we saw transfer speeds averaging 65MB/s for photos and videos, peaking at 91Mb/s and at the lowest, dropping to 46MB/s (still faster than most SDXC cards on the market). Sandisk are known for products of high build quality, and the Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDXC is no exception. The card feels very solidly built in your hand, has no flex and the connectors appear to be of a very high quality.

The 95MB/s speed rating makes a huge difference over a card averaging at 45MB/s or 60MB/s, enabling you to take multiple shots in an extremely fast time. The card is UHS Class 1 and is, at the moment, the fastest consumer SDXC card on the market, so much so, that this card would appeal to both consumer and professional. In the past, there was a distinct line between consumer and professional photography storage solutions (especially in price), but now Sandisk has bridged the gap with this card which offers extremely valuable price to performance.

There is no doubt that this card is the most impressive consumer SD card I have seen thus far. The performance, quality and reliability offered easily justify the asking price (which could easily have been made higher for a card of this spec) and for that reason, the Sandisk Extreme Pro SDXC UHS-I is getting an InsideTheBox gold award.