Good afternoon all, today we have a review of Konami’s new handheld entry to the Silent Hill series, Book of Memories. The game is very fun to play, albeit being nothing like any previous entry to the Silent Hill franchise. Read on to find out more about our opinions on this new title for a struggling handheld console.

This game is about a mysterious book, the Book of Memories, which reveals strange events, predictions or illusions to the character. Your job is to explore a world to find a way to get out and away from the evil creatures inhabiting the area.

Graphically, the game looks stunning on the beautiful Vita OLED screen. The colours are extremely vivid and textures look crisp and of great quality. Konami deserve praise for taking the time to make full use of the superior Vita screen.

Music and sound effects within the game are also great, better than what you would expect from a handheld game and a great addition to a very fun game. Book of Memories has something which makes players come back for more and more, everything ties in well and it while it’s not the best Silent Hill game, it is a great title for Vita owners who desperately need something good to play on their handheld device.

Book of Memories is quite a long game, it took me around 8-10 hours, however, I took my time with the game as handheld gaming is usually a more casual and relaxed experience, in comparison to hardcore console titles. I also found that the game was just long enough and it left me feeling satisfied after finishing my play experience.

Also, I must add, Book of Memories is a great title for both long play sessions of two hours, but it also plays great for short twenty/thirty minute sessions. It isn’t the best game, but its a great title for Vita players who feel remorse for their unused devices due to the lack of blockbuster titles for the device.

Here are the final scores: