Skullgirls is a new fighting game which recently released on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, however, it offers many differences to the traditional fighting game genre. These new gameplay features are partnered with beautiful comic book style graphics and great replay value. Read on for our full review of the title.

One of the huge differences with Skullgirls is that it isn’t entirely aimed at the experienced fighting game player. As new players may have noticed, it is very difficult to play fighting games is you haven’t been playing them for the long time. You are thrown in the deep end with a terrible tutorial which tries to teach advanced button combos in quick succession, something which can prove very difficult for new players.

Skullgirls helps new players gradually get used to the controls, tactics and combos by easing them in with a variety of different difficulty levels. The developers have made Skullgirls one of the few games that bothers to help new players learn how to play fighting games; something which I commend it for, as the genre is a very difficult one to learn how to play effectively. Skullgirls is a great way for new players to start their training in the fighting game genre.

Characters are one of the ways in which Skullgirls divides difficulty levels. The personas within the game all vary in their level of advancement, with some of the more advanced characters being in line with the traditional fighting game style. The characters lower in the difficulty spectrum are the types that will help new players learn basic combos, with the complexity gradually increasing. Playing the game is extremely fun in a way that usually does not present itself in fighting games, and the mechanics are sound.

The animation quality and style in the game is superb; the comic-book style graphics pop in their pleasant vividness and impressive design. It has a lot of polish, and definitely had a lot of design & development time dedicated to it. Sound effects are music are also fine for a game retailing at such a great price, coming from a lesser known developer with a smaller budget.

Skullgirls is definitely a game you should buy if you want a unique, different fighting experience. The replay value is good due to the level of fun experienced playing the game, the graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is superb.