Good evening all! Today we have a review of the new open-world undercover police action game by Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs. The game is based in Hong Kong and is has a very GTA-like feel from it, this really is one of the gems in the slow summer of gaming.

The story passes around you playing as Wei Shen (Chinese-American) as you attempt to uncover various stolen goods, drug sales and large-scale illegal activities as an undercover police officer in the Sun On Yee underground society.

The combat system is excellent, fights allow you to use a variety of learned martial art moves, attacks, weapons and environment objects (such as large bins or electrical power stations. You can also swim, run on foot, persuade people to give you cash for protection, purchase a variety of clothing and weaponry and drive vehicles or cycle.

Driving mechanics are fantastic due to the fact many past Need for Speed developers worked on the game. Many cars allow you to drive at crazy speeds and a variety of model cars are available, my particular favourite would have to be the Ferrari.

Various missions and side missions are available and you should get many hours of gameplay from this title and it should keep you interested for quite some time.

Performing powerful, diverse moves in combat raises your respect level with the Sun on Yee triad of which you are a part of. Driving safely and not harming civilians raises your “Cop Level”, or rather, does not decrease it.

Another excellent feature of the game is the bonus SOCIAL HUB. It allows you to see how your friends (and the world) are doing in play and allows you to challenge them in various combat and driving related records. It adds some extra value to an already fantastic game.

A variety of extra activities are available in the game. You can go and do karaoke, gamble, practice your fight skills and go searching to bring some love to Wei’s life. Several other activities are available, it’s just a matter of finding them in the large free-roam world.

Speaking of the game’s world, graphics and textures look great. Character models are fantastic and vehicles are brilliantly designed, buildings are crafted well and, overall, the game looks and plays excellently.

That’s pretty much all we have to say about Sleeping Dogs without ruining too much of the story. To close off our review, I suggest you purchase Sleeping Dogs if you enjoy open-world titles, you are in for a great experience, and, it has to be said, this game really is the best game released on disk this summer.

Here are the scores: