We have brought this review back to the front page, as the game is now available on the Playstation 4 system, and is cross-buy compatible. I definitely recommend the title, as it offers a huge amount of fun for a very reasonable price, and is one of the best games focused around ‘sound’ I have played. Please enjoy our original review:


Sound Shapes is an intuitive, unique and entertaining platform game, however, it is completely different to ANYTHING you have ever played. The game has a focus on you collecting “notes” throughout each level. Each note adds sounds to the game music, along with every enemy and ally, decoration and device.

When you purchase Sound Shapes on PS4, PS3 or PS VITA, you get the other versions free of charge. The game also allows cloud sync between the save game of the title on all of your devices.

In Sound Shapes, you play through the campaign and unlock items for use in the EDITOR mode by collecting notes. Almost every item used in the story levels is available for use in the editor, allowing you to create levels equal to, or surpassing all of the story levels. The EDITOR mode really adds value to the title. It is extremely simple to use on PS4, PS VITA and PS3 and will pose no problem to most gamers, allowing everyone to have a crack at making a level.

Your levels in editor can then be published to the online servers, allowing other players to experience it. You can also go online to play other users levels, keeping the game fresh for a very long time. The game also has a platinum trophy on both platforms, and, due to cloud sync, you get double trophies for everything!

If you get bored of the story, editor and online published levels, then you can try the controller/Vita smashing DEATH MODE levels. These challenges are extremely difficult, demanding you collect a large amount of notes within a certain number of seconds without dying. WARNING: If you are prone to getting angry during hard parts of videogames, playing the death mode will likely result in the smashing of your VITA or of your controller.

Sound Shapes also offers a “Beat School” mode in which you must create levels in order to match a certain beat. Each one you complete awards you with a silver trophy (each DEATH MODE level also awards a silver trophy).

To close off the review, I will say that SOUND SHAPES is an absolute fantastic game, something we have never seen before and is an essential purchase for all gamers, both casual and hardcore. The game helps you to relax and unwind after a hard day and really is one of the most fantastic pieces of work I have seen. With the amount of value included in this game, I would not have been suprised if it was sent to retail as a disc title (perhaps at the price of €29.99), however, you get it on PS4, PS3 and VITA for €14.99, a spectacular deal.

Sound Shapes should be experienced by all gamers, head over to the PS Store now and download your copy. Here are the scores: