Many of you may have been expecting the recently released South Park: The Stick of Truth to be a flop. Generally, games which are derived from a film or TV show do not turn out well, and end up being lackluster games with a sole objective of making more money. The Stick of Truth could not be further from this, and is one of the funniest games ever created. Read on to find out more.

The Stick of Truth has an outstanding story, exceptional dialogue and extremely accurate presentation. To be quite honest, if you took a screenshot from the game and asked somebody if the shot came from the game or the TV show, they would likely find it difficult to tell. I believe it is the most realistic and accurate game adaption of any TV Show or film which has ever released.

The story & dialogue present some of the funniest moments ever seen in a video game, but we won’t be talking about any of those moments in this review. We will be keeping the review as spoiler-free as possible, as the moments are too good to ruin; you must experience them yourself.

The game is based around an RPG format, with the player being required to complete a number of main quests to advance the story. A turn-based combat system is also employed throughout the game, with weapons and armour being chosen from items found or purchased through the game. A variety of attacks can be built up and upgraded too, including your primary attack (using the equipped weapon), your long-range attack (using the equipped long-range weapon), your special abilities (which can be upgraded), your farting powers and many others. The combat system is well developed and fun to experiment with.

The game begins with you moving into the town for the first time. Obsidian Entertainment have created a world which feels like the real-life South Park world, and have given it a deep, vivid backstory. The huge number of people living in the town each have something unique to say and have their own backstory. It feels like the town has existed before your arrival, the history runs deep. Your character (known to others as “Douchebag”) is silent throughout the game. You must make as many friends in your new town as possible, and try to fit in.

The game allows you to do things just for fun or to see how others react. You can fart on people at will and attack people in their houses (although this is merely for a reaction, not for a battle). You can also rummage through their house & possessions to take and sell anything valuable. Some of the items lying around in the game will provide a laugh, but, we will allow you to discover those yourself 😉

The combat system is based on boosting your attacks, building resistance and blocking enemy attacks. Some of the fights can be very tough, and you will need to upgrade your special attacks in order to reduce the enemy’s defensive armour. Make sure to carry a variety of consumables at all times, particularly HP recovery food.

Much of the time you will find yourself fighting alongside a buddy who you will control while in combat. Soon, you will learn to choose your ally strategically to help in battle, particularly when you meet a boss enemy. The game has deep RPG roots and certainly requires a well-developed strategy at times in battle.

Unfortunately, the game is not perfect. Minor technical issues and regular stuttering hampers the overall presentation of the game and drags it down slightly. Outside of this, the graphics, sound, dialogue and music are all exceptional and follow the TV show extremely accurately.

There are seven censored scenes in the European console versions of the game, apparently being too offensive/graphic for Europeans. These include alien probing and abortion scenes. Even without these, the game will still be mildly offensive to anyone who is not light-heated; others will find it hilarious.

If you are not a fan of the TV show, this game is not for you. The humour is of exactly the same nature, so, avoid this if you don’t like the bluntness of the show. You also may not enjoy the game if you do not like RPGs, so, ensure you investigate the game thoroughly before making a decision to purchase it.

To conclude, South Park: The Stick of Truth is a must-play if you are a fan of the TV show (and have an interest in RPGs), or if you just want a laugh. It will prove one of the most enjoyable games you have ever played, due to the laugh-out-loud dialogue & gameplay and engaging story. The fact it is a solid RPG is simply a bonus!