Good morning, I am here this morning to review BradyGames (undoubtedly THE best guide book producer) new guide for recently released SPEC OPS: The Line by 2K Games.

Although I received my review copy of the Spec Ops: The Line guide on the same morning as my review copy of the game itself, I did not use the guide during my review of Spec Ops: The Line. The reason behind this was so I could make sure the game got a completely fair review.

I did return to the game after the review, along with the guide. I began noticing things I missed out on before, better hiding spots, superior tactics, more efficient weapon choices.

The guide certainly does it’s job of helping you get through the game. SPEC OPS can be an extremely difficult game in parts, however, this guide really can help at those points. It does a great job at informing you the best places to hide in cover while waiting to strike. It also includes details and hints on which weapons and weapon combinations are the most efficient.

Some people may feel this guide is not for them, however, I do believe this guide is both suited for hardcore players (by giving weapon tips, strategies, tactics) and casual players (introduction to good weapons, hints, help, mission guide).

As always, the printing is beautifully done and the layout of the guide is fantastic. BradyGames rarely fail to make a clean and simple layout to prevent confusion and this guide is no exception.

Screenshot quality is superb and diagrams and content are clearly labelled, so you will always know where to find the guide for that part of the story. There is not much else I can say… if you are fan of Spec Ops and shooters, get this guide!

Here are the scores:

CONTENT: 9/10 (excellent guide, tips, tactics)
PRINT QUALITY: 9.5/10 (always the finest from BradyGames)
CLARITY: 9/10 (clear layout, easy to find sections)

OVERALL SCORE: 9/10 (great game companion).