Welcome all to our review of 2K’s fantastic new third person shooter, Spec Ops: The Line. The game is out today in the US and on June 29th in Europe. Here is what I think of the game’s elements…

The story is set in the beautifully designed Dubai. The atmosphere around you and the stunning graphical quality will blow you away as you begin your journey into the story of Spec Ops: The Line.

Dubai, in this game… is a wreck. Everything around you is war torn, destroyed and catastrophic. The gameplay graphical quality really will blow you away it must be said. This is one of the nicest looking shooters which was delivered this year. The character models are excellent and the diverse, colourful and vivid atmosphere is a big aid to making the game feel great.

The backgrounds and UI are great and seem to part be a good effort to make the game visually perfect by 2K. Frame rate runs solidly and there are no huge drops or lags noticeable in the game.

The story focuses around the disobedience of Army Colonel John Konrad and his squad who stayed behind in Dubai after the most vicious sandstorm the region has ever seen hit and caused destruction among citizens and their property.

This story is very unique, there really are a few excellent twists and turns along the way, believe me, this is NOT your generic shooter campaign… don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

We don’t want to spoil too much for you guys, however, we will say this, prepare for a story you’ll need to concentrate on and be able to enjoy, rather than the usual shooter campaign with no depth.

The dialogue is voiced very well. You feel the characters have some depth to them and they provide occasional banter between combat, a natural feature which should be included in all war shooters for the purpose of realism and entertainment.

The voice acting is crucial in this game due to the unique storyline the game has. The characters all speak naturally and it’s easy to feel like they sound as if they are in a genuine war.

The sound effects and music are great and all sound well as the appear throughout the game, we haven’t got many criticisms to make among the sound aspect of the game.

The mechanics of the game work well and controls, I feel, work rather well. There aren’t many problems with controls, they are the usual you would expect in a shooter and fans of this genre will very easily recognise the controls.

Gameplay is fluid, and, for the most part, glitch free. The combat usually stays fresh and provides quite the challenge to gamers. The single player part of the game certainly will keep you entertained for quite some time.

The variety of weapons in the game is good and all your usual favourites are there. The guns feel nice and very realistic to use, their power feels on par with real life weaponry and things like recoil, rate of fire and power are all relatively accurate with their real life counterparts.

Now, the game can be quite difficult. Many parts of the game involve very intense combat and a low resistance to damage, however, I enjoy and commend 2K for bringing shooters back to a bit more of a challenge. Most of today’s shooters are very easy and will give you no trouble to complete. You may have to retry parts of Spec Ops many times before you finally succeed, however, I feel this is a welcome addition to an excellent game.

You will also enjoy the online multiplayer and co-op modes which add additional replay value. The multiplayer mode is standard for what you would expect in a shooter, nothing stands out in multiplayer mode.. that’s not to say it’s bad, it’s just saying that nothing much has been changed. It’s still an enjoyable extra, however, you’ll be buying the game for it’s campaign. Please note: these comments are just from my general knowledge of how the multiplayer works due to the fact no players are online at the moment.

The one thing I will praise multiplayer for is the diversity of loadouts available. You can customise almost everything about yourself for your online experience and the variety of options available will provide something to suit all play styles.

To conclude our review, this game is one of the best third person shooters released this year with an excellent, innovative and interesting campaign available to fans of the genre. This should definitely be on your summer gaming list.

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