Hello loyal readers and welcome to another InsideTheBox gaming review. We have a review of the new Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny expansion to the original game released in 2006.

Faith in Destiny is the second expansion to the game and releases tomorrow on Steam and in some retail outlets in the US. The new DLC will be priced at the low sum of £19.99/€19.99/$19.99, however, most retailers have it at an even lower price. This price is excellent considering the length of the expansion. The campaign weighs in at 15 hours minimum, along with the included new multiplayer modes which make it even better value.

Some of the new and improved features include:


  • Click’n’Fight and Quick-Action-Buttons: perfected control system for Instant-Actions, best overview, and strategic sophistication
  • Domination: all new multiplayer mode; you have to keep control of strategic nodes, which are spread over the map, in order to obtain resources to further strengthen your armies
  • Singleplayer campaign ensuring a maximum of fun, riveting story progression and countless quests – all refined by the authentic and consistent world of Eo
  • Choose your individual path among a plethora of different skills and magic abilites, offering numerous combinations of character development
  • For the first time in the history of SpellForce, you can even ride on a dragon
  • Completely new race with buildings, also playable in multiplayer.


Now, it’s time for us to get on with the review and give you our thoughts on how our experience was while playing the game. Let’s jump right in and start off with the first positive, the gameplay.

Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny adds a huge amount of gameplay for it’s cheap price. Some full games which had less playtime than this expansions have become successful. Firstly, Faith in Destiny does not require the original Spellforce 2 game, it can be played as a standalone expansion.

The objective of the game stays true to it’s original, you must commands units into battle while focusing on leveling up magic, skills and other abilities. The game has many main quests (which are compulsory) and side quests (optional, but give excellent rewards) which will keep you entertained for a long time.

On top of that, there are extra multiplayer modes which I assume will be very fun to play. Obviously I can’t play them yet because nobody is online due to the fact the expansion hasn’t been released yet 😀

So, Spellforce 2 definitely provides an experience similar to the original game, but with excellent enhancements to the previous format of playing. I’m sure all fans of Spellforce will enjoy this just as much, if not more, than the previous entries.

Unfortunately, not everything about the expansion can be complemented, one place where the game lacks is in graphics.

Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny’s actual game graphics are passable, however, the UI and H.U.D. elements do not look good. H.U.D buttons look very pixelated and blocky, definitely not looking HD.

Character models are fairly ok, however, images of the character around the HUD look awful and do not merit any complements. I have also experienced some lag in the moving of the characters’ mouths as they speak in cutscenes.

Some may say that this could be due to my PC setup, however, I experienced no problems running Diablo III on MAXIMUM settings for all graphics related elements, so, I feel this is due to the game.

Dialogue and music in the game are very well produced and the narrator who guides you through the game has an excellent voice which provides clarity when explaining how to play the game.

Despite the lack of performance in the graphics department of the expansion, it is definitely still worth a purchase for it’s very competitive price and certainly will appeal to previous Spellforce fans.

Thanks for reading, here are the scores…