Spelunky is a game styled similarly to Terraria, however, there are a few major differences, and some not-so-major differences. Spelunky mainly focuses on the player collecting as many valuable gems as possible, some of which are hidden in dangerous locations. Read on for our full review…

Spelunky features randomly generated levels, all focusing on the player surviving, while making as much cash as possible. The levels can range from easy, to extremely tough. Jumping down a gap might end in you falling on a spiked object, while traversing up a certain path towards wealth might results in you being shot with an arrow. The levels often feature hard-to-get-to areas, which are filled with valuables. Exploding the floor by using bombs will also aid in your mission to find more gold bars and gems.

Your character can sustain four hits within the game. This includes being shot, falling on spikes, getting hit by an enemy, or even damage from your own explosives. Now, this is the bit some people may not like… once you die, your progress is wiped clean, and you must restart from the very beginning of the game. Spelunky is a game where the only way to stay alive is trial and error; you will quickly come to realise what are dangers, and where to spot them in levels. You will experience suspicion at certain areas, and work out the trap which probably lurks within them. Spelunky tries something different, and refreshing; bringing back retro gaming with no checkpoints.

Now, in terms of aid, BOMBS and GRAPPLING HOOKS assist in navigation. You may use a bomb to blow open the wall or floor to access a new location on the map, possibly filled with valuables. The grappling hooks can be used to climb to areas which would otherwise be unreachable. These items can be found within levels, or can be purchased from a shop present in many of the levels. You can also buy other, more powerful weapons from this shop, if you’d like some extra kick in your arsenal of weaponry.

Spelunky is a platformer at heart. The basic gist of the game is easy to understand, however, becoming an expert player and progressing far into the game without dying is VERY difficult. The gold bars and gems, when collected, are added to your cash total, creating a score which you can aim to beat each time you play. This is the part of the game that keeps players coming back. You could play Spelunky forever if you wanted, as the game with generate a new, unique level for you each and every time you play.

The game is takes a loot of influence from classic 8-bit games. With Spelunky lacking save games, and featuring 8-bit like textures, and charming sprites, the game really feels nostalgic. The sound effects and music, again, are inspired by the old 8-bit retro games, and definitely fit in with the theme and graphics features in Spelunky.

Local co-op, fortunately, is available, making playing through the levels far, far easier. I definitely recommend trying it if you are going to play Spelunky. The game is available now from the PS Store, and is CROSS BUY compatible, so you get the Vita and PS3 versions for ONE PRICE!