Splatter: Just Harder Times is a top-down zombie shooter, available to purchase direct from the game’s site for PC, or from a charity bundle for a limited time period! Read on for our full review of the title; we’ve been playing Splatter for a few days and have made our decision on our opinion of the game.

NOTICE: Splatter is temporarily part of a CHARITY GAME BUNDLE called Be Mine 9. For a minimum pledge of just $1, you can get Splatter alongside at least 7 other titles, with an 8th being offered once 13,000 are sold (very close as of time of writing). This is a great bargain, and I recommend readers to avail of it; what do you have to lose for a pledge of $1? A remember, a portion of the price goes to charitable causes!

The game works like any other top down shooter; mouse to aim and fire, WSAD to move. Weapons can be picked up across the battlefield with a variety available, such as the pistol and shotgun; two classic firearms. You’ll be glad to know that the game works with a system where the pistol is a backup weapon. Ammo is collected across the field, and you can replace your picked up weapons as soon as you find a replacement in the level, however, if you run completely out of ammo and a weapon is nowhere to be found, you will be able to resort to the trusty pistol, which never runs out of ammunition.

In terms of story… well, there isn’t really much of a story. The ‘motion comic’ style cutscenes have little purpose other than to give a short break, separate the levels/sections and to try to sneak in a little humour. The game is mostly a pick-up-and-play experience, which can be enjoyed at any time simply for the gameplay and not the plot. To go hand in hand with this focus, the team created a wealth of interesting features and events for the game…

Everything in the game is destructible, including all the props and objects, which has more of a novelty than you would originally imagine. New characters are regularly introduced, and you have the choice to kill or save them. If they are friendly, and you save them, they may become a temporary aid and pair up with your character. Flares have been added to the game as a usable item. Not only do they help light up your path, but, they are scare away the majority of the undead enemies, giving you time to get ready for the onslaught.

Another major change to the mechanics is a rather comprehensive weapon system. Players of the game have the ability to add attachments to their weapons, with items such as laser sights being able to be added to guns for performance upgrades. This game is quite impressive in terms of added gameplay value, and certainly has more innovation than the usual rinse & repeat zombie game genre. These features certainly make up for the lack of story.

In terms of graphics, the game is created in great detail. While the textures and environments are kept simple, the backgrounds and character models used are excellent, and have a very charming look attached to them. Graphical effects for the destruction of objects and enemies are also nice. We aren’t claiming the graphics are something like what we expect from Battlefield 4, but, the graphics are simple and effective. This is great for people who wish to play the game with just a mid-range laptop.

Finally, lets talk about sound. The sound effects used in the game are great, especially the gun firing sounds. The sounds used are up to the standard you would expect from a well received big-budget shooter. The other sound effects in the game are also very good for an indie title, and leave me impressed with the game. Overall, SPLATTER is a great new indie title, and you would have to be crazy not to pick it up at such a great price. The title is available to purchase from the official site.