Good evening all and welcome to another of our PS3 exclusive reviews. Today we have the recently released Sports Champions 2 for analyzing and we will be letting you know whether this is a game you should get in order to allow you to dust off the Move controller(s) that may be sitting in the corner. Read on for more details….

Sports Champions 2 is developed by Zindagi Games (who also developed the original) and introduces some new sports to the game’s lineup. We all know that Playstation Move has been largely a failure and that there are very few titles which use the amazing technology to its full potential. The original Sports Champions was one of the best uses of the technology and thankfully, the sequel lives up to the quality of the first game.

The Move controller is a fantastic piece of technology and is one of the most accurate motion devices on the market, however, it just is not suited to the audience of the PS3 and was a flop due to this. Sports Champions 2 will give anyone who has a Move controller a reason to dust off their largely unused device and try to recoup some of the cost through use.

The full lineup of sports featuring in the game are:
– Skiing
– Boxing
– Tennis
– Golf
– Bowling
– Archery

All of the sports can be played with very simple, precise and accurate controls via the Playstation Move controller. All of the sports other than skiing are perfect and pose no trouble to be played, however, Skiing can be a little awkward to get going properly and does not respond correctly all of the time. Other than that, the game has no glitches or issues in any other sports in the extensive lineup.

All modes in the game are available to play in solo and co-op and some sports have different modes of play which can be used for their particular sport. Also available are ranging difficulty levels. Unfortunately it still lacks any form of online mode, however, I feel this game is better for a group of people to play in the same room together for a great atmosphere.

Overall, the game is excellent fun for families, parties and casual gamers. It still isn’t a reason for new adopters of the Playstation Move on its own, however, paired with Wonderbook it would be a great family Christmas package. Here are the final scores: