WB Games have resurrected the Spy Hunter franchise in the form of a new release for 3DS and PS Vita, aptly named Spy Hunter. Is the game as good as it used to be? Did the team do a good job with this new release for the handheld market? Lets find out…

I’m going to start off by pointing out two major flaws in the game. The difficulty level can be very, very challenging at times – and the game is made feel longer due to the player having to restart missions. This is not a good way for a game to increase it’s playable length.

Another problem present in Spy Hunter is the lack of decent graphical quality. The development team have not taken advantage of the power of the beautiful PS Vita screen. The graphics are often very blurry and pixelated – especially in the game’s menus. The UI and menus all look as if they are running at a sub-resolution.

I will complement the fact some of the missions of the game have very interesting and exciting parts which appear to have been well planned and fantastically produced by the development team. For this reason, I will not rule this game out as one to avoid – however, there are quite a few problems with the title.

Front and rear touchscreens, along with the motion sensing features are hardly used in the game and it feels that this game was in no-way optimised for the Playstation Vita. This, matched with the sub-par graphics make the game feel just like a normal port, rather than something heavily worked on for the Vita.

As mentioned, the difficulty level is particularly challenging in places and cannot be changed or altered. The story is lacking in places and some levels take too long due to continuous restarts from failing.

I recommend fans of the shooter genre who are looking for something to play purchase this, however, it is not good enough to be recommended to the entirety of PS Vita players. Here are the final scores: