Welcome to another InsideTheBox review. We hope you are having a nice week so far. Today, thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, we have a review copy of Starhawk PS3 to breakdown for you. So, without further ado, lets get on with the review…

I will start of by making it simple, Starhawk is an excellent game. It has not only a strong campaign, but one of the most supreme multiplayer modes around. However, I will first begin with it’s campaign to give you an idea of how the game starts. The campaign is almost like a training ground for multiplayer. Don’t take that comment wrong, it is still a superb campaign in itself but the true gem of the game is the multiplayer mode which the game’s campaign trains you for.

The story is focused on strategic moves and action-packed gameplay. You play as Emmett Graves, a man who has been infected with rift energy, a powerful and dangerous element of the game. It can be used as power to build, however, it is an infectious disease. Graves’ blue scars and eyes are as a result of the rift energy. Other characters don’t show Graves respect and feel he is just another enemy.

The game’s single campaign focuses on you defeating enemies in whatever ways you please and completing other objectives. I haven’t had much time to play both the campaign and multiplayer, so, I can’t say what will come later in the game. However, the basic premise is to survive by using weapons by building. The building interface allows you to create certain assets such as bases which allow you to restock on ammo, turrets, large transforming hawks, walls and other support structures and weaponry. You can however, only build when you have a sufficient amount of rift energy.

Rift energy is collected when you break rift barrels or kill enemies, who drop rift energy and ammunition crates. The game has a fair number of weapons so your arsenal isn’t too restricted. Starhawk’s real factor of enjoyment is the fact it is more unpredictable than any other game of this genre. The building interface is an excellent source of game changing assets which will allow each mission to play out differently.

Graves story is a very deep one. He is in deep conflict with the other characters fighting alongside him which regard him the same as the outcasts they are fighting. Even his brother Logan has no respect, treating him as dirt. Starhawk’s campaign allows you to carry out the mission in your own way. You choose how to complete each mission and do not have to listen to the prompts. This experimentation is an excellent source of knowledge for the multiplayer mode.

Now, onto the multiplayer. This games multiplayer is unlike anything else on the Playstation system. It is extreme action all the way and transforms well known game modes such as capture the flag into something more special. The multiplayer maps are quite large, however, just as in the campaign, you can build things to help navigate the map. One of these is the hawk mentioned earlier. On land it is akin to a large robot equipped with turrets. However, see danger? Why not take off into the sky with your Hawk which transforms to an aircraft.

You can use a variety of vehicles or just your feet to navigate the map. The multiplayer modes are the true magic of this game. You will get countless hours of enjoyment from the game’s multiplayer features. Another added bonus is the inclusion of Warhawk in the European version of the game free if you purchase the game new, or, if you are in the US, the limited edition will give you Warhawk free as a bonus.

GAMEPLAY: Starhawk’s gameplay is excellent, the brilliant campaign is followed by a spectacular multiplayer and this game will not bore you. It’s gameplay cannot be faulted.

GRAPHICS: This is one thing I have waited until now to point out. Graphics in this game are top of the range. The textures are crispy, bright, colourful and clear and the world is rendered beautifully. The video quality of the game is top-notch and the game most certainly is one of the best looking games to be released recently.

SOUND: Dialogue in the game is done rather well, sound effects are standard. The game doesn’t provide anything spectacular in sound, but thats not to say it’s sub-par. Sound is slightly above average in the game.

VALUE FOR MONEY: There is no doubt Starhawk is excellent value for money. The game delivers an average length campaign with an attractive mutiplayer option. Co-operative modes and free roam are other options included. You will get value for money with this game.

I hope you enjoyed the review, the game is out tomorrow, May 11th 2012, click “Toggle Scores” to view the final scores for the game and other game data such as price etc.