Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark is available on many platforms at this stage, and I would imagine most regular gamers have at least noticed the game somewhere by now. For the few who haven’t, Stealth Inc is a stealth puzzle game from the talented indie developer, Curve Digital. It has proved itself to be a very fun title, but is it worth upgrading to the PS4 version? Read on to find out!

The gameplay in Stealth Inc is pretty simple, but very fun (and occasionally, anger-inducing). The game is a perfect example of a pick-up-and-play title, and suited the PS Vita very well upon its release on the platform. Since then, two DLC packs (The Lost Clones and The Teleport Chambers) have been released for the game, both of which are included for free in the PS4 edition.

The PS4 edition of the game does not have any noticeable improvements on the PS4, however, there wasn’t much of a scope for visual improvement or anything of that nature. The only extra included in the PS4 version above the PS3 and Vita versions is the addition of the DLC packs to the base game. The game has simple (but lovely) graphics with a range of greatly paired sound effects, so, it certainly isn’t in a position where the PS3 and Vita are not powerful enough to run the game.

However, that is certainly not to say that the game is not worth a purchase. If you do not already own Stealth Inc on PS3 or PS Vita, I would certainly recommend getting the PS4 version (due to the additional DLC). It may even be worthwhile upgrading to the PS4 version if you haven’t bought the DLC packs on either the PS3 or Vita before, as the Ultimate Edition comes at a cost of €12.99, whereas the DLC packs cost €3.59 each. This means that over half of the cost of the Ultimate Edition could be attributed to DLC, and may justify your upgrade to the PS4 version.

Despite this, Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark (and its two DLC packs) are fantastic titles, regardless of platform, and you should ensure that you have played it through at least one of the consoles featuring it! It features fun gameplay, great sound effects/music and a good amount of replay value, so, it should offer plenty of content for its price.