Hello everyone… I have to apologise for the lack of content on the website recently. This is due to the fact I am doing a 3 week course in ANIMATION in college this summer and the days run from 9am-10pm… so, I’ve had little time to update the site. However, this finishes this coming Thursday, so, don’t worry, we’ll be back to full efficiency then!

In the meantime, we will provide a few reviews to keep you covered! Today we will be reviewing the fantastic Mutant Blobs Attack! PS VITA downloadable title. DrinkBox originally developed About a Blob on PS3 and have brought you another entry into the Tales from Space series, in the form of Mutant Blobs Attack!.

First off, let me say, the graphics are superb! These graphics would have never been capable on a handheld games console before the VITA came to light. The graphics make full use of the spectacular OLED display on the Vita and the game looks stunning, bringing it’s unique art style to life perfectly.

In terms of gameplay, each level usually takes about 5-10 minutes to complete, perfect for short, on-the-go fun, allowing you to play for 20 minutes on the bus and then leave down the game while feeling satisfied, the entire premise of a handheld game.

Overall, the game will take you about 4-5 hours to complete if you play non-stop, however, it is available at the very affordable price of €6.99, making it excellent value!

The music and sound effects in the game suit the casual play style and complement the unique art style very well. I really can’t make any faults in terms of music and graphics, they are done superbly!

Online leaderboards are available, giving you an incentive to replay the levels to get a new high-score, and, overall, the game is excellent value for it’s price, you won’t find many more worthy purchases on the PS STORE for Vita. If you want something to play for your Vita at a great price, I highly recommend Mutant Blobs Attack!. Here are the scores…