Tearaway is a simple, light-hearted game which a lot of depth, fun and enjoyment. I guarantee you now, if you own a PS Vita, you do not want to pass on this game! It is, without a doubt, my favourite game to release on the PS Vita and was a breath of fresh air to play. Read on for our full analysis of this astounding new AAA Playstation Vita release.

Tearaway is set in a papercraft world, and everything in the world has been modeled, cut, stuck or stacked together to create the overworld. As you travel through the world, light breezes with shake both you and the hanging paper scraps. The touchscreens are used to bring your hands into the charming world of Tearaway, with fingers popping up from the ground in the game when you place your fingers on the rear touchscreen, for example.

Even without any interaction of this type, the game would still remain a masterpiece. I have never seen anything like this breathtaking world of paper in gaming, and I believe a large part of its strikingness is due to the charm and love the team at Media Molecule put into the making of their games. Most of us will remembering feeling the same way about the charming LittleBigPlanet back at the time of its original release.

If one was to assign the game a genre, it would be called a 3D platformer; however, it offers so much more than your usual experience of this nature. There truly is something just inherently difference about Tearaway. Just sitting and looking at the environment itself is wonderful. As you play through the very enjoyable story (as mentioned, using the touchscreen as the main method of interaction), you will be carefully guided by the just-as-charming characters (and narrator) present in the game.

You may have heard things about the ending, which is breathtaking in nature, delivery and design, but we won’t be spoiling any more of that for you. This scene allowed me to come to the conclusion that, in my opinion, Tearaway is the best Playstation Vita game currently available. There are a number of additional collectibles in the world of Tearaway, and due to the game’s sheer beauty, most will have no problem re-visiting the levels to find the remaining hidden items. The game takes between 8-12 hours, which is outstanding value for a gaming retailing at £19.99/€24.99.

Graphically, the paper textures are presented as vivid and crisp, and the OLED screen of the Playstation Vita brings out the colours beautifully. The sound and music features in the game suit its quirky and unique nature perfectly, and Media Molecule seem to always do a great job with matching up their uncommon, fresh design style with corresponding voices and sounds. Tearaway does this so well that the world becomes very immersive.

What else can I say about the game? As I mentioned, I feel it is the best Playstation Vita title to be released as of yet, and was a perfect experience for me. I could not find a fault in the game. The ~10 hours of purely enjoyable play is worth more than the £19.99/€24.99 asking price, and Media Molecule really have created something special. Tearaway is a masterpiece, and deserves a 10/10 score, in my opinion.

If you own a Vita, I suggest you make sure to play through this title at least once. If you do not own a Vita, it is a great time to consider investing, as we are starting to see more and more great titles release on the system, and the PS4 compatibility makes for a great handheld! Stick with us for more reviews, including those of the upcoming next-generation releases!