Hello everyone, if you were worried our SUMMER OF VITA was going to take over the entire of our review time, do not fret, we will still be providing reviews for EVERYTHING which we would have been if the SUMMER OF VITA was not running, so, if you are not a VITA fan, don’t worry!

This evening (or whatever it is in your region), we have a review of Activision/Beenox’s new title The Amazing Spiderman which is an accompanying game to the recently released movie. Usually games which are movie spin-offs tend to be… sub-par, however, The Amazing Spiderman Video Game, I am happy to say, is better than that!

The game is set after the film where Oscorp continues with it’s nano-technology experimentation, however, the cross-species test subjects manage to escape and begin attacking Manhattan. Spiderman has the job of rescuing the city from these creatures.

One thing I must complement this game on are it’s mechanics. The web-swing is done very well and allows you to easily latch on to buildings while roaming through the skies of Manhattan.

Gameplay is very fun and is much better than in your standard movie spin-off. The game focuses on you going from chapter to chapter saving people and fighting the cross-species experiments.

However, I do have one big criticism. The game can be extremely glitchy. I cannot play past chapter one in the game due to the fact the game freezes at the exact same spot every time I play it, so, I will have to give you some VERY early impressions!

Other users online have also had this problem, however, their game freezes at different points, so you really don’t know when you might be left with an unplayable game. I have tried to pass this frozen game 7 times, however, the game just continues to freeze.

I cannot progress further than chapter one, but, from what I’ve seen thus far, the graphical quality of the game has been excellent and the environment and character models look superb.

Sound effects and music are also done brilliantly from my initial impression, however, I cannot offer a detailed opinion on the game until these issues are patched. I am quite sure however, that graphics and sound do not deteriorate throughout the rest of the game.

After you complete the story, there are some collectibles, however, there is no multiplayer mode or other incentive to continue playing. Fans might replay the game a few times and trophy/achievement hunters will also likely continue playing.

If we manage to resolve this issue or Beenox patch the game to resolve the problem, we will update the review accordingly. Apologies for not having a better review for you guys, there really is nothing we can do, sorry 🙁

In these scores below, I am going to act as if the frozen game glitch does not exist, so, these scores DO NOT TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE FROZEN GAME GLTICH: