Welcome! The Art of Blizzard Entertainment is a new book, published by the experienced InsightEditions, which explores the artwork created through the years of Blizzard Entertainment, from World of Warcraft, to Diablo, to Starcraft. The book is a must have for any Blizzard enthusiast and much of the art featured in the book is incredible, read on through our review for more information on this brand new offering!

Tha Art of Blizzard Entertainment is a 352 page affair featuring over 700 pieces of artwork from a variety of Blizzard titles, both released and unreleased, however, the pages used in the book are very big (235mm x 324mm), and the book itself is a rather large and heavy product. It is clear when you pick it up that the book is a very high quality production with an excellent binding and thick, good quality paper. The printing is also of the highest standard, appearing very well.

While the book is at a high price point ($75/~€70/£50), it is worth the price for any hardcore fans of World of Warcraft, Diablo or Starcraft, or, just Blizzard in general. The paintings, drawings and concept art included is, in most cases, breathtakingly beautiful and there is a sense of each work of art being painstakingly drawn and redrawn until it reached perfection. The art is simply stunning, and a no-brainer for the highest of fans who want to appreciate the work that went into their favourite characters and to learn some of the backstory of Blizzard Entertainment.

The product collects just over twenty years of art by the Blizzard art connoisseurs, Nick Carpenter, Sam Didier and Chris Metzen who each produced a wealth of art for games such as Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft and unreleased games such as Nomad, Bloodlines, Denizen and Ronin, all listed as “Fallen Games” in the index of this fantastic release by Insight Editions.

To wrap up our review, we will again reiterate, anyone who is a major fan of Blizzard’s work and their series of games should definitely source a copy of this new title as a collectors item into the future. The spectacular artwork can be appreciated by all and the written backstories provide an insight into the goings-on at Blizzard Entertainment. The book is of excellent quality and is packed full with over 700 pieces of art.

Thank you for reading our review, and please stick with InsideTheBox!

SCORE: 9.5/10