The Basement Collection features a set of indie games, created by Edmund McMillen. Most of the games are simple flash prototypes McMillen created when he was learning to develop games, and those games have been enhanced for this release. Included in the package is the game itself, along with some added extras, including Indie Game: The Movie, read on for more…

Whilst most of these games are available free of charge online, the versions presented in the DRM free Basement Collection allow you to own them offline and bring a range of art tweaks, new content, new soundtracks and other small changes. Also included are concept art sketches, the game’s soundtrack, audios QAs and the full version of Indie Game: The Movie with a bonus 15 minutes of additional footage, bringing great value to the collection.

The physical product includes an art book featuring slightly creepy crayon drawings which McMillen claims to have made when he was a young child, having being kept stored away. Some of the images show that his game concepts may have started when he was a young child as the drawings appear to show some resemblance to some of his characters.

So, on to the games. Meat Boy is the early prototype version of McMillen’s later released Super Meat Boy, which went on to be an indie success. Time Fcuk is a fantastic platformer which combines elements of time travelling and dimensional change. Its puzzling aspects work great with the gameplay included. Aether is quite a weird game but can be very fun and is truly another of the best games in this collection. The final game which stood out was Spewer, an excellent platformer which focuses on the use of projectile vomiting to move the character around. Again, slightly creepy stuff, but, we should expect that from McMillen.

Tri-achnid, Grey Matter and Coil are some of the other titles in the collection, and whilst they may not be quite as fun, they are all worth checking out for a while. Two secret games are included for you to attempt to unlock, however, they can be quite difficult to find within the package, so, you may need to do some delving to get access to them.

Overall, The Basement Collection (retail edition) is a good value pack of some excellent indie titles, all of which have been given some tweaks and upgrades with the bonus of INDIE GAME: THE MOVIE being thrown in for viewing. Anyone who enjoys McMillen’s work or would like to support an indie developer would be doing well to pick this up. Thanks for reading!

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