The Binding of Isaac – Most Unholy Edition is a cute 2D indie flash game released in a collectors edition by indie-game experts, MergeGames. This title was developed by Edmund McMillen and originally released in September 2011. MergeGames are offering a DRM-Free version of the game (meaning it can be installed on an unlimited number of computers), a Steam gifting key, the huge expansion pack the soundtrack, a 40 page booklet, sticker and poster. Read on for our full review…

The Binding of Isaac is a 2D old-school game, featuring top-down gameplay and cutely drawn sprites with a very simple control scheme. The game is classified as an Action-RPG and a dungeon explorer, or ‘basements’, as the game calls them. The graphics look great with each colourful sprite standing out in the lovely looking 2D world. The game features almost exclusively randomly-generated content for its levels.

Isaac’s mother wants to kill him… we begin to hear the voice in her head commanding her to murder her son. Isaac must go on a journey to find and defeat his mother. The enemies in the game are like demons, each being creepier and weirder looking and acting than the last. We have flies that are simply a glowing red ball with wings attached and all kinds of strange, malformed creatures. Sound effects are nothing majorly impressive, but are completely sufficient for a game of this scope and price point. The soundtrack (also included in this edition) is great and shows that excellent things can be achieved on a low budget.

Gameplay is very simple; move, fire and use bombs. There are very little other actions available to use in the game and simple control system makes a tutorial unneeded. Players will get the hang of the game virtually instantly and can being enjoying it from the get-go. Firing involves Isaac crying and using his tears as projectiles (yes, weirder and weirder…) and bombs have faces in this game. As you progress, powerups will increase your rate-of-firecryingness?…in addition to your health and the amount of damage your tears do.

At the start, the game doesn’t pose THAT MUCH of a challenge, however, things will be begin to get rough very, very soon after the start. The game does not have checkpoints – after losing Isaac’s initial three health lives, you must start the entire game over again, losing EVERYTHING you had before. This really brings you back to the old-school style gaming and begins to grate if you die a lot. Thankfully, the game offers health upgrades as you progress, so, you’ll have more hearts of damage to take soon enough.

The Binding of Isaac – Most Unholy Edition is an excellent purchase for anyone into old-school, 2D style games which require a restart after death. It is also available at a great price (just £14.99) and the extras are a steal.

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