Good evening readers! Today we have a home entertainment release review for you, a review of the recently released The Godfather: 40th Anniversary Collection. This collection is the true piece for all Godfather fans to own. Not only does it provide the restored versions of the three Godfather movies, some photos from the set and a family tree diagram, but it has an ACTUAL COPY of the movie’s original script….

This amazing collection as mentioned, includes the three movies on Blu-Ray along with many other bonuses. The three movies are actually the Coppola Restoration set and they all look absolutely fantastic in their updated, enhanced forms. Since this version of the movies themselves has already been released, we won’t be reviewing the movies themselves, but rather the bonuses included in the package. Please know however, the restoration is great!

The ten included photographs from the set of the film are fantastic and are all labelled and have details about the scene and the time frame in which they were taken on the back of the card. They are lovely collectors items and are some of the few pictures released from behind the scenes at The Godfather’s filming.

Also included is a family tree showing the connections between the characters, their parents and whom they descended from. It gives you a good idea of the blood lines in the film and, again, is a nice collectors item.

However, the item which most people will be looking for is, by far, the copy of the movie script included within the set. This script is absolutely stunning and is definitely the original. Pages are coloured differently, so, you can see that bits were added and removed from the original script which is preserved in this copy.

There are side notes, hand-written stage tips and edits to the script throughout this copy of the script and it gives you one of the best insights into how the movie was filmed and the process of movie filming. I personally never saw a well established movie script before, so, this was a very interesting experience for me.

The price of this collection is quite expensive, however, it is a no-brainer for big fans of The Godfather and does include some very interesting content. Each copy is numbered and there are a limited number available, so, make sure you don’t wait to pick one up!

SCORE: 9/10