Merge Games are one of the best companies around for bringing indie games to a retail market with added physical and digital goodies at a great price. The Inner World is no exception to this. The game is a 2D point-and-click adventure and was developed by independent developer Headup Games. Read on for our full review of this charming title…

Headup Games are the developers of The Inner World. You may know them for developing The Basement Collection, which we reviewed on the site earlier this year. Merge Games have brought this simple, but enjoyable indie title to the retail market. The retail version of the game includes a DRM-free version of the game on disk, an exclusive art card, a sticker, some bonus digital in-game content, the full game soundtrack and even a digital encyclopedia of Asposia (the world in which the game is set).

As we mentioned, the game is a 2D point-and-click adventure, and follows a character named Robert. This character has been attributed with traits such as increased curiosity and naivety, which is the reason for the adventure on which he embarks. One day, he sees a pigeon travel through a sewage pipe and decides that he wants to follow it to satisfy his curiosity. This is where his adventure through the world begins. As always, we don’t feature major plot points past the start of the game, as we do not wish to ruin anything for readers.

The most impressive thing I found from this game was its level of depth. On the surface, it looks simple and plays with a pretty simple plot and dialogue. Underneath that, you will find that most of the game’s plot points are metaphorical representatives of issues in modern day society. It is a very deep and meaningful title, which is something that we don’t often associate with indie developers. The Inner World pleasantly surprised me with its depth.

The art style is my favourite; 2D hand-drawn. The character sprites look astonishing, unique and vivid. Each and every object in the world, background used in the game and character featured in the adventure have been crafted with care and attention, and have a huge amount of charm and beauty behind them. The world has a great variety of scenery, and is very impressive, again for an indie title with a presumably limited budget for creation.

Dialogue ties in with this ethos; each character has their own unique voice and identity, which, again, adds to the surprising amount of depth present in this fantastic title. The voice actors all do great jobs with their respective character(s) and a lot of light hearted humour is thrown into the dialogue. The music and sound effects are also on the epitome of indie quality. Each track of the score is relaxing, yet different. It helps you sink into the puzzles within the game.

Overall, the title is a fantastic example of the quality that can be present in an indie title. It is available direct from MergeGames now at the price of £24.99 for the collector’s edition contents detailed at the start of the review. I feel that this price is a steal for such a deep and well-crafted title, you should definitely consider picking it up!