This evening we have a review of the recently launched adventure puzzle game, The Testament of Sherlock Holmes, published by the ever-growing FocusHome Interactive. The game focuses around puzzle solving by famous English detective, Sherlock Holmes – with a twist. Read on to find out what we thought of the game…

This game provides an excellent insight into the personality and private thoughts of Sherlock Holmes – something which isn’t usually explored in media featuring him. He is portrayed as a rather cocky, private and demanding man – but a very intelligent man nonetheless.

Holmes is caught in a very awkward predicament when he becomes the primary suspect in a murder in which he cannot prove his innocence. The British public begin to lose faith in him and do not believe his pleas of not guilty. Holmes partner, Watson, is also well portrayed in the game. We see some of his opinions on the cases and his shock at Holmes using darker and darker means to solve cases… did he commit the murder he is being accused for? We’ll let you find that one out yourself!

Unfortunately, the mechanics do not complement the excellent story written for the game. The game runs with quite a number of glitches. The movement in both first & third person is very blocky and slow and Holmes “Sixth Sense” ability is not properly explained – you will hear it making dings and thshhhs but you won’t know what they mean.. we still haven’t been able to confirm what each sound signifies.

The “Sixth Sense” bonus has many problems and can be a pain to use – sometimes not clearly indicated what it is supposed to be hinting at, so, you will probably resort to an online walkthrough, or, the off button rather than using the Sixth Sense ability disability.

Graphically, the game’s surroundings, items and backgrounds are designed beautifully. They look vivid, clear and bright and add are a delight to the eye. Music and sound effects are also excellent – however, these cannot replace the damage done to the game by its glitchy, irritating mechanics.

Overall, the story, graphics and sound in the game all scores highly and the game is quite long, proving average value for money – however, the awful mechanics and help system do a lot of damage to the overall user experience. Purchase this game if you don’t mind spending a long time trying to figure things out, however, if you are looking for a quick-paced puzzle game, this game is not for you!