Hi all, this afternoon we have a review of The Unfinished Swan, the recently released PSN game for Playstation 3. The Unfinished Swan is an extremely unique game, quite unlike anything we’ve seen before… but does this risky idea work? Read on to find out…

This game is about a character who goes on a journey through an unfinished painting, belonging to their mother. When they enter the painting, they discover a world where almost everything is white in colour, and the only way to see things – is to paint them.

You must travel the world and pass the stages by throwing paintballs at the walls, objects and scenery in the world, to enable you to find your path through the world and escape from the painting, The Unfinished Swan. The game is a very unique idea, I must praise the developers for taking such a risk with a different game.

Graphically, well, I cannot really give any opinion on the graphical quality, because more-or-less everything in the game is white and objects only become shaded in black when you throw paintballs at them. So, I’ll praise the different and innovative graphical style of the game because it is something we have not seen before in the gaming world.

The game has a very different feel to it and I found it very hard to review. I was unsure whether I liked the idea or whether it was something I was just playing because it was different and slightly intriguing. The game is very simplistic and I suppose its nice to play something different and unique, rather than the many generic games being released without innovation.

Personally, I got a bit bored with the game after about half way through. I felt it was a bit repetitive and the game was TOO simple to hold ones interest for too long, however, that depends on the type of gamer you are. I would say this game is definitely for casual gamers, but, anyone who likes art or unique art styles in games, you will enjoy this title.

The game only runs for about two hours, perhaps two and a half, so, some people might find the price a bit too high for such a short game, however, it doesn’t really need to be longer. Anyone who enjoys the game will play it a few times over and if you think you will like this game, you will probably get your value back.

It’s not a bad game, and I praise the innovation the developers had, however, personally, it did not hold my interest. If you think you might like it, it’s worth a short at price of a PSN game, but, if you have any doubts you will like it, I suggest you do not buy it. Here are the final scores…