Greetings fans! Today we have our review of the third installment of Telltale Games’ latest masterpiece, The Walking Dead. We apologise for it being so late, we only got around to finishing it last night. Telltale have continued to amaze us… I thought that The Walking Dead couldn’t get any better… well, I was wrong…

The Walking Dead: Episode 3, titled ‘Long Road Ahead’ draws you emotionally closer to the characters… believe me, there are MANY twists and turns along the way, previous and current dialogue choices are crucial and can highly effect outcomes in the game. The title of the episode has both a metaphorical and literal significance. There is a long, emotional road in the episode, coupled with the literally long road the characters must traverse.

The story in the episode focuses on the group leaving the Motel after a zombie attack.. they leave the Motel in an RV but are blocked by a train on their way. The RV is taken, however, we cannot tell you more about this, it would spoil the story for you (it also depends on your past choices). A few characters are lost on the way, and, I must say… this game really had me on the edge. I began to feel deep emotions towards characters during the episode and my opinion and emotion towards certain characters were swayed several times, due to events.

There are also quite a few new characters introduced in the episode, but, you have choice on whether to add some of them to your group. The personalities of the characters really have developed, you can understand and relate to each character and you feel their emotions, worries and stresses while playing. Very few games can achieve the stunning outcome of Telltale’s best project. Undoubtedly, this is one of the best games to ever have graced this generation of consoles, and that is NOT an exaggeration.

It is a crime not to play The Walking Dead and if you haven’t played any of the episodes yet you have a treat ahead of you! As you progress, your feelings towards characters will change and change again as events occur. One of the group becomes heartbroken in this episode, after they lose the ones close to him/her (we are really trying to prevent spoilers whilst still giving you an insight)… I could actually feel sympathy for them, as if they were a real person. Telltale has given birth to a masterpiece, nobody can deny it.

Anyone who has dabbled in game development (such as myself) will know the difficulty, stress and complications of getting things to work. I have to applaud Telltale for the amount of work which has gone in to this. Every impacting choice you make within the game is remembered, this results in many, many different types of save games. People have completely different characters in their individual games, because they made different choices along the way. Telltale have to take this into account when developing and this would result in them having to code many scenarios to deal with the different save games.

As we said in our previous reviews, the comic-book style graphics and excellent dialogue are a treat, and each episode is available for a cheap price, providing 3.5-4+ hours of gameplay, which is a bargain, considering the quality of this game!

This game is a masterpiece and I cannot wait to see what Telltale will do in the final 2 episodes, I am sure the story will only get more personal, emotional, shocking and interesting along the way. It is crucial EVERYONE plays this game, get it as soon as you can!

We have awarded a perfect score for this title, 10/10, congratulation to Telltale for making such a spectacular title, here are the scores: