Well, any of you who has read any of my previous reviews of The Walking Dead (episodes 1-4) will know that the series is my favourite downloadable game of all time, and for good reason. This finale to the five part series is an absolute masterpiece and everything about it is impeccable! Read on for more details in our SERIES FINALE review for The Walking Dead by Telltale Games….

Anyone who has read some of the previous reviews will know what The Walking Dead is about by know, but, if you haven’t (or you just need to recap) here are the links to episodes one to four:

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Episode 4

This absolutely phenomenal game, in my books, is one of the best pieces of entertainment created. I have never experienced any production of entertainment which ever emotionally affected me this much. Out of every film I’ve seen, book I have read and game I have read, I cannot think of anything which was as heartwrenching and effective as this master production.

The ending of the game is short, but extremely effective and I believe this is the third time any piece of entertainment has actually made me shed some tears. The emotional connection of the player to their characters is unbelievably strong and Telltale Games has pulled off the hardest thing to do through any entertainment medium: emotionally attach the person to the production and its characters.

The heart-breaking ending to The Walking Dead is enough to make anyone who’s followed the game with delight shed some tears. This episode feels shorter than the others, but I feel it is the most effective of all. The action has been removed, almost in its entirety, and, in its place, an emotional rollercoaster of decisions, events, choices and conversations has been added.

The voice-acting within the game is outstanding and the voices of Lee, Clementine and Kenny really help make players feel like these characters are real. Graphically, again, the comic book style is fantastic. A lot of the glitchy rendering and bumpy transitions have been removed from the game for an overall smoother experience.

This series has triumphed in every way possible and is the most fantastic downloadable game ever created. Everybody should play this game, if they do not, they are missing out on one of the most enjoyable but heart-breaking experiences ever created through an entertainment medium. The Walking Dead cannot be faulted in any way and blows every other game out of the water in terms of connection with the player.

If The Walking Dead does not win Game of the Year, there is something wrong in this industry. I am awarding it a masterpiece score and I do not have any doubts that it deserves it. The fantastic team over at Telltale Games have achieved a monumental feat and should be awarded for their services to gaming. The development team are a credit to Telltale Games!

The ending to the game was so hard for me to watch… it is one of the most heart-wrenching cutscenes ever created and a new bar has been raised. If more developers start making games like this, games are going to become a whole lot more realistic – not in visuals, but in effectiveness.

Anyway, I think I should wrap up this review by saying: you are missing out on a monumental piece of gaming if you do not play The Walking Dead. It is something which should be experienced by all gamers. So, that’s the first season finished, and already, I can’t wait for the second season of the game!