Hello, today we have a review of the just released episode 2 of Telltale’s biggest game series yet, The Walking Dead. Episode two takes a completely different style to Episode one and we are here tonight to give you our opinions… you won’t be disappointed!

Make sure you’ve read our review of EPISODE ONE before you read this review so you can compare between the two and see if you’d like the changes in this episode’s story.

The second part of Telltale’s new series focuses on the survivors rather than the zombies. The zombies, in this game, pose less threat than some of the humans. Without wanting to spoil too much about episode 2, we do want to say this is a very dark story and most of the episode is focused on arguments, relationships, paranoia and deceit by your fellow survivors.

Overall, I feel the second episode is even better than the first in terms of it’s plot. The first episode was excellent and episode two improves even on that! The darker storyline provides an even more interesting experience to produce a masterpiece of a game!

This game puts more pressure on dialogue choices than the first game. If you felt like you had to make tough decisions in episode one, wait until you witness what your decisions can result in when you play episode two!

The story completely tailors to your dialogue choices and almost every action you take or comment you make will make some impact somewhere in this story. I could not believe this game when I played it… the interest I took in the fabulous story was a shock to me. It is, I must say, one of the most gripping and interesting stories to ever grace the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

I played the game completely from start to finish, without any break. I often find this difficult to do as I usually cannot play the same title continuously until I finish, I have to take breaks. This game.. it kept me hooked, I didn’t stop ONCE throughout this episode. Even when I was thirsty.. I still didn’t want to leave the game.

Telltale have pulled off something extraordinary… never have I cared this much about choices in the game. You genuinely become attached to the characters in the game and it results in you having to think deeply, I’m not exaggerating, really deeply about your choices. When you must choose between killing or risking contagion.. it really is tough, it’s almost as if you are making a real life choice.

In terms of the story, you will not be disappointed. I wouldn’t hesitate to call this series THE best title for story-line of 2012, I can’t think of any game where you become this attached to characters.

The beautiful comic-style graphics remain, which I love. They provide a lovely art style for the series and fit the game perfectly in my opinion, also, I love the fact they feel hand drawn and as if a lot of work was put into them. I only have praise for the graphical art style.

The dialogue, of course, is the biggest part of this game. While the dialogue is flawless, some of the music is a little glitchy, but, overall.. it doesn’t really cause any problem. It will only slightly, if at all, tarnish your game experience.

The value you will get out of this title is spectacular. You will get a 2.5 to 3 hour story… however, with each episode, it makes you want to go back to the previous episode and change your choices to see what would happen with different decisions. It immensely increases replay value and you will be sure to play the episode a few times. For only $5 or 400MSP – it really is a steal!

My closing comments… you will, under no circumstances, regret your purchase of this episode. Seriously, everyone.. I mean EVERYONE should play this. There is no question that you should go to Xbox Live right now and purchase it.. PS3 users are going to have to wait a bit, however, PC users can play this Friday!

Stick with us for more reviews coming soon, we can’t wait for EPISODE THREE! Here are the scores: