I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, so, I was very eager to get my hands on a copy of Insight Editions’ poster collection. The set includes a whopping 40 posters, all printed on high-quality thick paper which shows the images very well. The printing is also of great quality, and the team selected a great mix of posters. Read on for more information and opinions of this poster collection…

AMC’s The Walking Dead is a hugely popular series. Many fans (myself included) gruel for new episodes each week, and it is not action, gore or zombies that draw us to the series. The emotional connection to the characters, the anxiety for their well-being and realism of the show (in terms of showing us what a real breakdown in society would be like, and how quickly humans can revert to natural hunting instincts when needed) are the things which most of us love about the show.

Insight Editions have selection 40 great posters for the collection, including most of the popular characters from seasons one through three. We see Rick, Shane, Daryl, Gleen, Carl, Merle, Michonne and the Governor appear, along with posters of the zombies themselves, of course. Also included are some of the promotional shots for the series, which look absolutely fantastic in poster-form. In general, all of the posters included in the set are excellently selected, and there is a great variety to cater for all fans of the series.

The posters are printed on a thick paper of very high-quality. Each can be pulled-out from the main book, which has a nice thick cover and back covering each of the posters, with previews of some of the included pictures being featured on the back. The posters measure 12″ x 16″, and each of them look great. It is clear that high-resolution shots, combined with a great standard of printing have been employed in the production of these posters, and they make a nice addition to a bedroom.

The poster collection is available now for just $24.99, which works out at approximately 62.5c per poster; not a bad price to pay for such a nice collection of high quality prints. I definitely recommend the poster collection to fans of the TV series, or even just to those looking to brighten up their room with post-apocalyptic posters! 😀

Thanks for reading our review, we will be bringing you a review of another Insight Editions poster collection later this week!