So, the latest episode of the masterpiece that is Telltale’s The Walking Dead is upon us. This second episode in the second season of the game is aptly titled ‘A House Divided’ and is among the most explosive and eventful episodes we have season since back in season one. As always, this review may contain minor spoilers for the episode, however, we generally refrain from revealing anything major in the story where possible.

We had the first episode of the new series arrive in December which, in my opinion, was great, but many fans found it to be a little slow to start. However, as many expected, this was necessary to set the foundations for a fantastic new series, and the use of episode one to lay this foundations has now paid off in the superior second episode.

This episode should take you around three or four hours to complete, and introduces many new characters (perhaps the most in any mid-season episode yet, including a couple you may know from the past. We will also have another loss in this episode, and the antagonist of the season will be introduced. This episode additionally offers far more depth and allows you to get the know the characters to a greater extent than episode one did.

The story is advanced quite some amount in this episode, and a lot of it revolves around this newly revealed antagonist, however, as we said, we will leave spoilers to a minimum and let you experience this chain of events for yourself. Lets just say, you are in for a treat with this episode!

As usual, the game features a wide variety of gameplay and dialogue options which will certainly affect how the story pans out in the future episodes. We also see some of the previous choices you made dictate small parts of this episodes, with a bigger influence likely to come in the next episode and beyond. We see a balanced mix of gameplay, dialogue and cutscenes in this episode, which offer a great advancement in the story, plenty of chances to further connect with the characters and a fair amount of interactive play. It is safe to say that this is a fantastic episode.

You will make a number of tough decisions in this episode, and, as usual, the graphics and character design follow the cel-shaded, comic book-style aesthetic that the series has adopted since its very first episode. The usual technical issues still remain (the occasional jutter, frame-rate drops and a lack of smooth animations), however, as always, they have very little impact on the overall enjoyment, which doesn’t hinge on the graphical performance of the game.

To conclude, this second episode of the second season of Telltale’s big hit will manage to re-assure fans that they are in for another amazing series of emotional twists and turns, and a mysterious, intruiging storyline. It is a highly enjoyable 3/4 hours which you should highly consider investing in. Make sure to stick with us for more reviews and news, we will have our review of episode three shortly after its release, which will likely occur around the end of May. We all eagerly anticipate what it next…