Telltale Games have thankfully become quicker at releasing each episode of their popular series, with The Walking Dead & The Wolf Among Us falling into a pattern of alternating each month. Today we will be reviewing the third episode in the popular series, which is titled ‘In Harm’s Way’. As always, we will refrain from major spoilers in our review.

As always, this episode features the excellent story-telling for which Telltale has become famous. Alongside that, an excellent art style and setting design in combination with a stunning use of sound effects and music are other key characteristics which we have become used to which are present in episode three of the second series. The decision making elements are as important as ever in this episode, and you will certainly be challenged with making some difficult responses under time pressure.

This episode, in my opinion, is the best yet in the second series. The pacing is fantastic and we learn a lot more about the characters which we haven’t heard much from. You will also have many chances to build relationships with other characters in this game, and the manner in which you choose to speak to these characters is a crucial factor. This is perhaps the focus of this episode, with the zombies not playing much of a primary role throughout this particular episode, however, that’s not to say that they don’t play a large role in certain parts!

Throughout this episode, you may see some characters in a different light than you did before the start of the episode, and your opinions of some characters may change. In Harm’s Way is certainly one of the most thought-provoking episodes, and you will be challenged with deciding whether certain characters are actually as bad as they have been made out to be. For any fans of recently-introduced antagonist Carver, you will have plenty of interaction with him in this episode!

Unfortunately, the frame-rate issues and slow loading screens which have plagued certain episodes of the series have made a return for this episode, and the need for Telltale to create a new engine is becoming more prominent. Aside from this, they have provided a fantastic episode which is actually one of the longest yet, taking a few hours to complete. In Harm’s Way is well worth a play!