PLEASE NOTE: Below is a quick review of the fourth episode of The Wolf Among Us, followed by a full review of the final episode of the series, Cry Wolf. Apologies for the delay in publishing these reviews.

EPISODE 4 – ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’: The penultimate chapter of The Wolf Among Us finally gave us some firm ideas on what has been going on in the previous three episodes. Many of you will have been confused, perplexed and excited to find out the true source of the evil that has plagued the world of Fables throughout the series thus far.

A lot of this penultimate episode follows Bigby as he sets off on his hunt to find The Crooked Man and his accomplices, particularly, Bloody Mary. If you have played the third episode of the series, you will know it is Bloody Mary who gave Bigby the serious injury he begins this episode with. Of course, he has a deep longing to get revenge against her, and her master.

As you play through this episode, you will have a number of difficult choices to make. Snow White is constantly on your back, compelling you to take the “right” choice; passive enforcement of the law. Most of the time, it is up to you whether or not to follow her command, or to begin the use of force to get what you want. At the climax of the episode, Bigby finally locates The Crooked Man’s lair, however, you will only get a glimpse before it ends. All in all, “In Sheep’s Clothing is a very good episode, which sets the series up nicely for the big finale, in which all will finally be revealed.

EPISODE 5 – ‘Cry Wolf’: So, we have finally reached the climax of what is my personal favourite Telltale Games series yet. Many have argued that the series can be a little bland and lacks gameplay, however, I personally have enjoyed the laid back attitude thus far. The Wolf Among Us seems to have a charm which other Telltale series are missing. The characters, story and world are warm, vibrant and unique; something which gives the game a special feeling which draws me in every time.

“Cry Wolf” truly is an incredible episode. We begin just as we left off in episode four, in The Crooked Man’s lair, with Bigby finally being able to question the tyrant over the things he has done. What follows is a very interesting conversation, in which The Crooked Man tries to defend himself, and convincingly so! It is up to you whether or not to believe him, and if you will take the violent or passive route. Unfortunately, he manages to escape just before you can take him in.

Bigby must now square off against The Crooked Man’s minions; namely, Tweedledee, Jersey Devil, Georgie Porgie and Bloody Mary. This fight is one of the best pieces of gameplay in the entire series and is very fun to enjoy. Eventually, Bigby manages to escape safely and follow The Crooked Man and his allies who escaped the fight. Next, you will chase the villains through the streets of Fabletown in another outstanding gameplay sequence. If you felt the game had a lack of gameplay thus far, you will not be disappointed with the penultimate episode. However, we will not spoil any more of the events and story for you, so, you can enjoy the remainder of the relatively short yet extremely satisfying episode yourself.

In the end, there is a great sequence in which you, along with many of the residents of Fabletown, will meet to give the villain a trial. This is one of the best sequences of the game as you will play a massive role in the decision-making of the trial and the punishment to be given. You will be forced to make a number of difficult dialogue choices and decisions, as everyone remains on-the-edge. No spoilers as to what will happen, but, you’ll enjoy this part!

Thankfully, the technical glitches which plagued earlier episodes in the series are not too prominent in this episode, and most of it can be played smoothly and enjoyably. Of course, the wonderful cast of charismatic characters along with the exceptional story and vibrant settings make this episode a fantastic package overall; certainly the best episode of the series.

However, all is not over even in the final minutes of the game. We won’t spoil anything specific here, but, Telltale have saved one final twist for the final moments of the game. Maybe not everything The Crooked Man said was a lie? As you begin to think and speculate about this final revelation, you are greeted with the credits for what was an exceptional finale. Does this mean a second season of the game is on the way? We certainly hope so, however, there is nothing concrete yet.

Overall, “Cry Wolf” is a phenomenal way to end an excellent series. The action and gameplay are amplified to new levels in this episode, which, when combined with the outstanding graphics, characters, environments and story, creates an incredible final episode. I am hoping that Telltale will continue the game with a second series, but if not, the series has certainly ended on a high!