With the huge delay between the first episode of The Wolf Among Us and this episode, many people forgot about The Wolf Among Us, while season pass holders became irritated with the wait. However, Telltale Games have finally delivered the second episode in the series, and have assured their fans that the same delay will not occur again. Was ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ worth the wait? Read on to find out our view…

The Wolf Among Us is set in Fabletown, from the “Fables” comic book series. While it may, at the moment, be standing in the shadow of Telltale’s larger series “The Walking Dead”, I firmly believe that The Wolf Among Us is just as good as TWD, and sometimes, can even be superior to it. Some of the blame for its lesser appeal may also be attributed to the rougher story in The Wolf Among Us, and the lack of such a strong sympathetic, emotional bond (such as the player forms with Clementine in TWD). In my opinion, however, the enjoyment one gets from the interesting tale in Fabletown is far superior to that of The Walking Dead, which itself offers more of an emotional, tense tale (which is just as satisfying, but in a different manner).

The main issue with ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is how short it is. This episode lasts only an hour and a half to two hours, though it will only feel like half an hour because you will be enjoying it so much. While it does not quite match up to the excellence of the first episode in the series, this is understandable for an episodic series. This episode functions primarily to unload lots of new case details, reveal many new characters, and forward on the plot. As we have seen from Telltale in the past, a decline in the game is not to be worried about, the second episode (and sometimes part of the third) must be used for plot advancement and introduction of characters to make the game more enjoyable in the later episodes.

That being said, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is not bad by any means. I personally find the plot in The Wolf Among Us to be one the best aspects of the game, and so, I thoroughly enjoyed the episode. Many exciting new plot twists and turns are included in episode 2, and while we won’t spoil any of them here, we will say that they are definitely worth experiencing. You will probably begin to deduce suspects for the case during this episode, and suddenly, you will find it will end and you will have to go through the agonising wait for Episode 3.

For those who enjoy the game based on the action, you may be disappointed to hear that there is only a single big action sequence in episode 2, much of the episode is spent observing, threatening and extracting information. You will see the aggressive side of Bigby emerge many times in this episode, that is, if you choose to take the aggressive approach. Remember however… your choices may have consequences in the future.

The amazing world of Fables looks as good as it did in episode one, and is just as impressive. The artwork, world design and character design in The Wolf Among Us is exceptional, and the game looks fantastic. The dialogue is also perfect, which each character being allocated a voice perfectly matched to their appearance and personality.

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is a great next step for The Wolf Among Us, but leaves you craving more. You can get it on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC now for the price of $4.99 for the single episode. Lets hope episode 3 comes around quickly!