Many people have said that they do not believe Telltale’s Fables game series rivals the quality of their biggest hit, The Walking Dead. However, in my opinion, The Wolf Among Us is as good as their biggest series. This third episode, “A Crooked Mile”, is quite possibly the best yet, and introduces a variety of new plot points, as well as making some surprising revelations.

While many have been disappointed by the first two episodes of the series, saying they lack the emotional connection which is present with the characters in their other series, The Walking Dead: Season Two, I thoroughly enjoyed both episodes. The darker storyline is probably the main reason for this, as I find the universe fascinating. I did not know anything about the comic book series prior to The Wolf Among Us but the characters, particularly Bigby himself, truly gripped me.

The third episode in the quintet, “A Crooked Mile”, is the most eventful yet. While the first two episodes were a little slow to start off, episode three is where the series really does get into its groove. We see many shock revelations, the story forwarded quite substantially and a few new characters introduced. While we won’t say much about the story, there may be a few minor spoiler in this review.

One such minor spoiler is the revelation that we will see Bigby Wolf in his true wolf form during this episode. In a heated fight, Bigby becomes angry and you are left with some seriously tough choices to make. Lets just say… this episode is one which is certainly going to have major effects on the events of episode four and five. We won’t spoil anything more, as I am sure you will be dying to try it out yourself!

As always, it is the tough choices you have to make (in both dialogue and action) that makes the game feel unique, fresh and interactive. Often, you are given a limited timeframe to think about your choice, and you must make a decision on the spot. The use of many impulse decisions, with little time or influence to make a particular choice, is what makes this episode more exciting and intense than those before it. The Wolf Among Us is beginning to gain a lot of momentum and this episode shows that big things are coming in the penultimate and ultimate episodes of this stellar series.

One of the things which I believe draws me towards The Wolf Among Us is the huge variety in both dialogue options and gameplay choices for Bigby. While the characters of The Walking Dead begin with set personalities and you can really only control the relationships they develop with others, Bigby Wolf is different. The game allows you to shape his entire personality through dialogue choices. You are, in essence, the puppeteer of Bigby. It is you who decides whether or not he plays the “good cop” role. You decide if he goes against the commands of Snow White. You decide if he adopts a violent, reckless approach or instead has mercy. Bigby obeys you, and only you. This becomes far more apparent in this episode, and makes it far more engaging. If you combine this with the previously mentioned difficult decisions, you may begin to find it very difficult to make the choices in the time you are given. Telltale intentionally do not give you all the information you need to make an educated choice, and this makes the choices all the more impactful.

As usual, Telltale present the episode in their stunning cel-shaded graphics. The Wolf Among Us makes great use of the engine by bringing to life a vivid, colourful world of characters, with particularly neon-hued lighting. The environment presented in The Walking Dead is far more subtle, and does not present many bright, vivid colours. The Wolf Among Us is the most authentic production of an interactive comic-book which I have ever seen, and this really makes the game a joy to behold. A number of the technical issues which have plagued the series in the past have also been improved-upon, and the game feels a lot smoother.

The episode leaves us on a major cliffhanger, and I personally cannot wait for the fourth episode to see how the story develops further. The story has been left open, and to be honest, I have no idea what is going to happen next. “A Crooked Mile” is the best episode yet in this fantastic series, and it truly advances the story forward in meaningful, exciting ways. We will be back with our review of the penultimate of the series soon after its release!