Titan Attacks is the latest game from the growing indie developer/publisher Curve Digital. You may know Curve from their highly successful titles such as ‘Thomas Was Alone’, ‘Lone Survivor’ and ‘Stealth Inc’. Titan Attacks is a game based heavily on Space Invaders, but has so much more to offer (plus, it will work out a lot cheaper than an arcade if you play it enough!).

Now, strictly speaking, the game isn’t actually the work of Curve Studios, but has rather just been ported from PC to Playstation by their team, so, the credit for the game itself must go to Puppy Studios. As we said, it appears initially to be a Space Invaders clone, but, if you stick with it and keep playing, you will realise there is so much more there. The game offers a huge range of its own unique twists and mechanisms which make it all the more interesting.

There are one-hundred stages present in Titan Attacks! spanning five unique worlds, each with their own distinct theme. There are also random bonus rounds which pop-up every now and again when you play the game, adding additional content to play through. These bonus rounds give you a chance to upgrade (if you clear all the enemies in time), which is your best form of defense in this game.

Upgrades, as you would expect, come in your standard format: increased fire-rate, increased damage, shields, additional weapons etc. However, they are an expensive commodity in the game, and are tough to save up for, so, you have to be careful with your spending and try to maximise your points through multipliers and combos. There are also bonus ways to earn money and/or shields, such as shooting down random flying saucers which may grace your game, or catching falling aliens alive. As you progress, the stages will become more and more difficult, so you need to make sure you always have enough money to buy backup shields unless you want to start again! This is all part of the more sophisticated system employed by the game over the simple Space Invaders.

Different types of enemies also spice up the gameplay. In additional to the standard enemies who move down the screen, you can have special enemies who move diagonally, enemies who move to the beat of the music and also enemies who don’t move at all. This makes the game more interesting as you have to be on your toes when moving through the fierce onslaught of enemy attacks. After completing the 100 stages, you can begin a ‘New Game+’ and carry over your upgraded ship, while still upgrading. This is great fun, as you will be able to perform more spectacular, impressive-looking gameplay and adds to replay value.

Overall, Titan Attacks! is a short yet brilliant adaption of the classic Space Invaders, with far more to offer than the original itself. The added bonus of being able to play both at home on your console, or while out on your Vita is a great incentive, and of course, the game is cross-buy, meaning you get all three versions for the price of one! If you are looking for a fun, new, retro-arcade game with a modern twist, Titan Attacks! is the game for you!