BradyGames are a company who release high quality, comprehensive gaming guides to help gamers get the most from their games. They kindly sent us a copy of their signature series TOMB RAIDER guide to assist us in playing the game for our review. Please ensure you have read the review of the Tomb Raider game, available here, before reading the guide review.

Tomb Raider is quite a long and challenging game, with many hidden ammo stashes, so, the BradyGames guide really is an asset if you want to explore as much of the game as possible and get as much value as you can from the purchase. The entire of the story is explained in detail with maps, pictures and colour printing to help guide you through the story with as much ease as possible. The maps and demonstrative screenshots really go well when paired with the comprehensive text.

The paper quality in the guide is not quite as good as some of the other guides I have reviewed, however, at the cheap price the guide retails at, you cannot expect such a level of comprehension, high quality printing and premium paper. As mentioned, the ink print quality is good – screenshots, maps and text look great and the cover is very nicely crafted.

In terms of being an asset, the guide is very useful due to the difficulty and lack of ammunition in Tomb Raider as well as the various special achievements and easter eggs that may not be obviously spotted when playing the game without the guide. If you want a guide that will assist the full exploration of the game, I recommend BradyGames guide for Lara Croft’s most recent (and first!) outing.

The guide is available in stores or directly from BradyGames now.

SCORE: 8.5/10