Good afternoon/evening to all… it’s time for another of our reviews here at InsideTheBox; today bringing you a review of the recently released Torchlight II, available on PC through the Steam platform. The game is another dungeon hunting, adventure game with randomly generated dungeons in which players hunt for rare items.

Even though the dungeon-hunting game genre is overused in the industry, Torchlight II proves to be a successful, enjoyable and satisfying purchase. The game has a rather long campaign in relation to it’s price point of €18.99/£14.99 – which, I might add, is an excellent price for this game. Runic could have marketed the game as a full price (€49.99/£44.99) game, however, they choose to provide a fantastic experience at a very affordable price.

Anybody who dares to try the “Elite” difficulty will find themselves dying a lot, so, for those who like a challenge, there is one available in the game. Those who want a more relaxing and easy game can opt for the lower difficulty settings which Runic have perfectly balanced.

Torchlight II uses the standard weapon and magic combination of offensive techniques, the latter being gauged in ‘mana’. The basic objective in the game is to fight enough enemies to gain items to allow you to progress. The level up system is a bit lacking, however, it does allow everyone to choose how to spend their level up rewards; through skill points.

The game allows you to place ‘gateways’ or portals as respawn points in return for a payment – so, if you feel you are going to die, you can retreat and place a new portal. The game contains very close to the same amount of content as Blizzard’s Diablo III at only a fraction of the price. Although Diablo III is obviously going to defeat the title in some important areas, Torchlight II is selling at one-third of the price of Diablo, so, it’s impressive what Runic did with the title.

The online mode in the game is great – it allows you to play the story online with friends and strangers. Again, it’s just an added piece in what makes this game fantastic value at it’s very affordable price point.. this is a premium game at a budget price.

One of the few glitchy areas of the game is PETS. Often times pets will get stuck in places as you go into battle, leaving you without your helpful sidekick while battling enemies. This can be sometimes annoying, however, it doesn’t really take much away from the overall experience.

Here are the final scores: