Trine 2 is a platform game with puzzle elements which originally released back in 2011 on PC. It is a side-scroller and can be quite challenging on the mind at times, using puzzles based around physics. The game has been given a polish for the Playstation 4, and has had a number of extras added in for good measure. It is available now on the Playstation Store. Read on to learn our thoughts on the title.

Trine 2 doesn’t have a deep story. The game gives you a choice of three very different characters to play with, all of whom have different abilities and powers. The choice you make affects the gameplay, as the puzzles may change based on your abilities. Thankfully, you can switch between characters at any time, so, if you need one particular character for a puzzle, you can instantly make the switch. Each character is fun to use, taking on the common knight, wizard and ninja/thief roles.

In terms of the gameplay, Trine 2 makes use of the PS4 well to integrate the new features into the existing gameplay elements. One of the most apparent was the use of the touchpad, which we haven’t really seen used well in any other launch titles. The magician (one of the three characters) can conjure crates to help you traverse a level. A shape must be drawn for these crates to appear, and these is done through use of the touchpad, a nice way to intuitively use the new PS4 features. To complete the level, you must traverse the 2D platformer design and complete the puzzles along the way. It is very simply designed, although the puzzles can be quite difficult to master!

Multiplayer is a great addition to the game, and it is available in both online and offline variations. This allows up to three players to work together, making the game a very family-friendly title to launch on the PS4, as you can get the kids involved with the game. The 2D platform level design should also make them feel right at home, assuming they are familiar with games like Mario. This makes Trine 2 a great all-round offering, for casual, hardcore AND family gamers.

Visually, the game is stunning. It has been given a major polish, and looks better than ever before. The 1080p 60FPS graphics, which can be presented in stereoscopic 3D are a marvel to behold, and look outstanding. The vivid levels and backgrounds, combined with the charming character designs, make the game even more attracting. The game must be seen to get the full idea of how nice the visuals look; despite being cartoony. The lighting engine is also fantastic, and I believe much of the game has been hand-drawn, which always looks delightful.

Overall, when all these elements combine, it makes Trine 2 an extremely attractive Playstation 4 launch title. The game costs €16.99/£14.49 and is available to purchase now on the Playstation Store. It can offer hours of enjoyment, and also gets the brain going. The graphics and sound are done to perfection, and every element of the game has been given an impressive overhaul for next-gen. It offers something very special, and is well worth picking up if you enjoy puzzle games!