The Turtle Beach: Titanfall Ear Force Atlas is one of Turtle Beach’s first official Xbox One headsets. It includes all the cables and equipment you will need to connect the device to both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. It also features stylish Titanfall branding.

Microsoft caused much anger among gamers, as they discovered the Xbox One uses a new, proprietary port for connecting headsets to the controller. This means that existing headsets do not work with the console, and new headsets could not be produced until Microsoft released an adaptor. Finally, almost seven months on from the release of the console, we are finally seeming a selection of dedicated headsets, as Microsoft has made the Xbox One Headset Adaptor available to manufacturers.

The Ear Force Atlas has sound quality similar to that of Turtle Beach’s other high-end offerings, and would be considered the premium dedicated Xbox One headset. Some of Turtle Beach’s older headsets in the highest price range (such as the XP Seven) are backwards compatible, PROVIDED you have the Xbox One headset adaptor. The Ear Force Atlas is almost on par with the XO Seven headset (again for Xbox One), which costs $10 more.

The earcups in the headset are well-built, solid and certainly are of the highest quality. When you use this headset for the first time, you will notice how solidly built it feels. I certainly believe that with proper care, this headset will last a very long time. The speakers used are also great, and result in the best quality audio I have heard coming from the Xbox One’s controller adaptor. They also look fantastic, and really do match in with the futuristic feel of Titanfall. They would make a great gift for any fan of Titanfall on Xbox One, 360 or even PC.

Included in the box is the Xbox One Audio Adapter, allowing both game and chat feeds to be supplied to the headset from the controller. Also included is an RCA Splitter Cable (for Xbox 360 use), an Xbox 360 Chat Cable and an inline amplifier. These items are required to make the product work on both PC and Xbox 360. Setup is quick and simple, and if you have setup a Turtle Beach headset before, this will be familiar to you. Even simpler again is the Xbox One setup which requires less than a minute.

However, if you are using the headset with the Xbox One, you will need to update your controller before your first use. Details of how to do this are easily found on both the Xbox and Turtle Beach websites. Instructions are also included boxed with the headset.

We tested the headset on the Xbox 360, PC and Xbox One. On Xbox 360, we found that this headset delivered quality on par with the best stereo headsets. As the Xbox One cannot supply virtual surround sound through the controller, this headset cannot support this feature on any platform (out of the box). However, that did not stop it delivering excellent audio quality on the Xbox 360 and the PC. On the Xbox One, this headset provides what is probably the best audio quality possible from the audio adaptor. It is, as we said, on par with the XO Seven. Both of these headsets have almost identical specs, so, the Atlas is likely just a Titanfall-branded XO Seven.

The Ear Force Atlas is undoubtedly an excellent offering for the Xbox One. With its audio quality, ease of setup, versatility across all Titanfall platforms and sleek, stylist design, it is surprising that this headset retails for the price of just $149.95, which is excellent value for Turtle Beach’s high-end range. If you are looking for the best audio quality currently possible from the Xbox One’s controller output, plus a stylish design on the side, this is the headset for you.

InsideTheBox officially recommends the Ear Force Atlas as the best choice of Xbox One stereo headset for authentic, high-quality Xbox One audio.