A lot of people love Uncharted. The original was acclaimed for it’s absolutely fantastic graphics, known at the time as having the best graphics of all PS3 games. The second and third did not disappoint and continued to deliver excellent experiences.

The Vita version of Uncharted lives up to it’s PS3 counterparts. The graphical quality in the game is stunning, as are most PS Vita games due to the fantastic OLED screen. The plot is one of the best of PS VITA games and the game stands out from other titles.

The game is a prequel to the PS3 versions and introduces many new characters, keeping the game interesting to fans of the series. It has a very fresh and different story to the PS3 Uncharted games.

The characters in the game do feel as if they have life and you are able to relate to them, a crucial component of a game. Dialogue has been written excellently and the characters seem to always be talking throughout the story, keeping you interested. Cutscenes look fantastic and bridge the gaps between loading the game’s environments.

There is a lot to do and collect in the game, the trophies consist of you finding artifacts, treasures and drawings and taking pictures of the surroundings. If you want to collect everything, it will take you quite some time.

Fans of touch screen controls will be delighted, you can climb walls and ropes by simply drawing you fingers along the ledges.. however, fans of buttons will also be pleased, as this can all be down using standard button controls. The game really does a brilliant job of implementing touch screen controls, but not forcing them upon players who dislike them.

We won’t reveal anything about the plot, you’d enjoy it more to experience it yourself. Sound effects, gun mechanics and music are all fantastic and I have no criticisms.

The game should give you a good 10-15 hours of gameplay, or even more if you are collecting everything possible. Everyone who owns a VITA should try this game, I recommend you purchase it and play the whole game through. Here are the scores: